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Sulfosuccinates Market Is Likely to Increase at a Significantly High CAGR During Forecast Period 2018 - 2028

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2019 -- Sulfosuccinates Market: Introduction-

Sulfosuccinates are a mild surfactant which are surface active metal. Sulfosuccinates by composition are mainly sodium salts of monoester and diester of sulfosuccinic acid. Sulfosuccinates are primarily produced from maleic acid anion and its major source of raw material is sulfosuccinic acid and coconut oil. Sulfosuccinates has a wetting, excellent foaming, emulsifying, solubilizing and biodegradability properties. Being mild in nature Sulfosuccinates use as a primary surfactant in soap and detergents due to its good foaming and cleansing properties. Sulfosuccinates has other application in the cleansing formulation as well, such as pharmaceuticals, personal care, household detergents, industrial cleaner, polymer, paints and coatings etc. Sulfosuccinates is globally consumed in shampoos and other cleansing product as it has a good ability to form the foam.

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Sulfosuccinates Market: Dynamics-

Increasing demographics spend on skin care products has been a pivotal factor in driving the market of Sulfosuccinates in the market being a major ingredient. The advent of hair care and grooming industry with increasing consumption of hair care product has also helped in surging the demand of Sulfosuccinates because of its wetting and emulsifying properties. The increasing demand for household detergent across the world is also propelling the market of Sulfosuccinates globally as it is extensively used in detergent manufacturing companies, it also uses in dry cleaning, floor cleaner and glass. Increasing health and wellbeing industries will expand the speciality detergent and other cleaning agent manufacturing market which in turn would multiply the Sulfosuccinates market share in the coming future. Nature base alcohol ether sulfate surfactant is replacing the petroleum base alcohol ether sulfate surfactant as they possess similar desirable properties to detergents and personal care which results in extensive consumption of nature base surfactant in personal care and detergent industries which also may hamper the overall Sulfosuccinates market share in the coming year. Conversely, use of Sulfosuccinates has faced challenges by various government environment regulation pertaining to production, transportation and disposal which results in hindering the Sulfosuccinates industry growth. For instances surfactant base products are strictly regulated by various government authorities such as EPA, REACH in Europe, North America and Australia.

Sulfosuccinates Market: Segments-

The Market of Sulfosuccinates can be segmented into two criteria

Sulfosuccinates market can be segmented on the basis of its type

Mono-ester Sulfosuccinates
Di-ester Sulfosuccinates
Sulfosuccinates market can be segmented on the basis of its application and end use

Household detergent
Coating and inks
Institutional cleaning and Sanitation
Personal care products
Sulfosuccinates Market: Regional Overview –

The increasing demand for personal care and wellness due to modern lifestyle boost the market of Sulfosuccinates which results in an increase in the demand of Sulfosuccinates from pharmaceutical. Especially in countries of North America like the U.S., Canada, Mexico apart from that Sulfosuccinates is also used in different chemical and in oil mining application which ultimately results in increasing the market of Sulfosuccinates. While the market of Sulfosuccinates is also significantly gaining the rapid expansion in the countries of Europe region due to increasing demand from the laundry industry. As the demand of cleansing and wellbeing industries are prevailing all over across the world which results in an increase in the consumption of Sulfosuccinates from detergent and soap industries which gradually leads to increase the demand for Sulfosuccinates in the countries of the Asia Pacific such as Japan, China, India, Korea and South East Asia. In the countries of the Middle East and Africa such as UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and South Africa, Sulfosuccinates is widely used in the production of cleaning and sanitation product.

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Sulfosuccinates Market: Key Market Participants

Some of the key market participants in the market of Sulfosuccinates are as follows:-

Dow Chemical
Evonik Industries AG
KAO Corporation
EOC Group
Stepan Company
The Lubrizol Corporation
Croda International Plc
Lion Specialty Chemicals
Zschimmer & Schwarz