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Sulfur Dioxide Market Analysis, Size, Share, Trends and Forecast 2020

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Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2014 -- Sulfur dioxide is a chemical compound having formula SO2. At standard atmosphere, sulfur dioxide is a toxic gas and has a pungent, irritating and rotten odor. Sulfur dioxide is released naturally in the atmosphere by volcanic activity. Sulfur dioxide is primarily manufactured for producing sulfuric acid. Apart from the production of sulfuric acid, sulfur dioxide is used as a preservative, in winemaking, as a reducing agent, biochemical and biomedical applications, as a reagent and as a solvent in laboratories. The growing demand from chemicals manufacturing industry is predicted to drive the global sulfur dioxide market in the next few years.

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Production of sulfuric acid is the main application of sulfur dioxide. It is used as intermediate for the manufacturing of sulfuric acid. Sulfur dioxide is first transformed to sulfur trioxide, then converted to oleum, which is finally converted to sulfuric acid. The sulfur dioxide used for this purpose is produced by the chemical reaction of sulfur with oxygen. The production method of sulfuric acid from sulfur dioxide is known as contact process. Sulfur dioxide is also used as a solvent for highly oxidizing salts. Prior to the development of chlorofluorocarbons, sulfur dioxide was used as a refrigerant.

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Additionally, sulfur dioxide is used as a reducing agent in waste water treatment. Moreover, sulfur dioxide is used as a preservative in food items such as dry fruits to maintain their colorful appearance and to prevent them from rotting. Furthermore, sulfur dioxide is used as an antibiotic and an antioxidant in winemaking. The demand from all such diverse applications is predicted to drive the global sulfur dioxide market in the future.

Asia Pacific is anticipated to be the fastest growing market for sulfur dioxide in the next six years. The major reason for this is the growing demand from emerging countries like China, India and South East Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Additionally, the countries in the regions such as Africa, South America and the Middle East are showing consistent economic growth since the last few years. These countries mainly include South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Nigeria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Israel. In addition, the U.S. and the European economies are steadily recovering from the economic downturn. All such industrial, economic, and demographic factors are ultimately creating a positive prospect for the global economy.

Considering this positive outlook, the chemicals manufacturing industry across the globe is projected to record a tremendous growth in the next six years. The demand for different types of chemicals in different applications is growing rapidly across the globe, especially in the regions such as Asia Pacific, Middle East and Latin America. There is a stupendous market potential for the chemical industry in the countries such as Brazil, China, India, Indonesia and Thailand among others. The major companies operating in the chemicals manufacturing market are focusing on these developing nations for tapping the huge market potential of these emerging countries.

The major manufacturers of chemicals are setting humongous manufacturing plants in these developing markets. Due to this, the demand for sulfur dioxide in the production of different chemical products is predicted to grow at a significant rate in the next six years. Therefore, the global sulfur dioxide market is predicted to experience a significant growth in the near future.

Some of the major companies operating in the global sulfur dioxide market are BASF SE and DuPont among others.

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