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Sullivan Building & Design Expands Door Services to Include Own Product Line and Aluminum Coil Wrapping


Tilghman, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2016 -- Sullivan Building & Design, a construction and design services firm in Talbot County, Maryland, offers a variety of services related to all aspects of a home or building's doors. A brief description of a few potential services the local construction company offers related to doors is available on Sullivan's website under the heading "Doors."

Sullivan Building & Design begins its description of available door services by acknowledging the wide array of contemporary styles of doors available to homeowners. Taste and budget are a few of the factors mentioned by Sullivan as contributing to the decision-making process when it comes to a home's doors. It is with a knowledge of all these options, the website copy implies, that Sullivan is able to offer interested customers a door-services consultation to assist customers in selecting the door options that are a good fit for their individual situation.

Among the door options Sullivan reports to provide is the full line of doors from Interstate Building Products, a reputable manufacturer of doors, windows and other building materials. In addition to their full line of doors from Interstate Building Products, Sullivan notes that they are able to install and have experience installing doors from many other door manufacturers as well.

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The door units from Interstate Building Products, the information goes on to declare, come with several benefits outside of their manufacturer's reputation. The doors, Sullivan Building & Design informs, come with an excellent warranty. In addition to the warranty, they are Energy Star rated. Purchasing doors that are Energy Star rated may be important to customers seeking to increase the energy efficiency of their home. Sullivan Building & Design elaborates on the efficiency of the doors they carry from Interstate Building Products by noting that, in terms of efficiency, they have found them to outperform the standard units of other major brand units.

In the same section of their website, the Talbot County construction company also indicates their capacity to perform door repair services. They report experience replacing sashes, screens and hardware. As further evidence of their experience, Sullivan Building & Design reports working with the dealers of all major door brands over the course of past repair work.

Sullivan concludes the announcement of their door-related services by advertising their ability to provide an alternative to painting the exterior of a door. For customers who may find the process of painting the door's exterior tedious or stressful, the construction and design firm is able to wrap them with aluminum coil. The aluminum coil is available in a variety of colors.

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Sullivan Building & Design has provided construction, design and building services in the greater Talbot County, Maryland area for over 15 years. With over 75 years of combined industry experience, they are able to assist customers with a wide-range of home improvement projects from new home construction and large remodeling projects to painting services.

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