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Sulphur Chemicals Market Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2017 – 2027

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Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2017 -- The demand for sulphur chemicals in different industries such as food, wine, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, agriculture, detergents and leather is increasing rapidly. Sulphur is one of the most important raw materials for the chemical industry. A large portion of sulphur is used in the production of its various derivatives such as sodium hydrosulphide, sodium hydrosulphite, sodium sulphide, sodium sulphite, sodium thiosulfate, sulphuric acid, etc. These chemicals find extensive uses in across various end-use industries such as, paper, pulp, water treatment, photographic, textile, etc.The element sulphur is primarily used in the production of sulphuric acid. This can be further used for producing sulphate fertilizers and phosphate fertilizers. The element sulphur is also used in the manufacture of match sticks, insecticides and fungicides.

Sulphur is also a basic element needed for biochemical functioning. Sulphur when used in a metabolic reaction offers oxygen alternative and respiratory material. Being a constituent of many proteins and cofactors, sulphur is widely used in various bio chemical processes. With the strong anticipated growth of the bio-chemical industry, the demand for sulphur chemicals is also expected to increase with healthy CAGR over the coming years. Owing to the wide application array of sulphur and its derivatives, global sulphur chemicals market is anticipated to increase at a high growth rate over the forecast period of 2017–2027.

Key Trends and Drivers

The food industry has witnessed significant growth over the past few decades and is expected to grow at a fast pace in the upcoming years. Sulphur chemicals are widely used in food preservation. Due to their antioxidant property, sulphur chemicals are used as a food additive for increasing the shelf life of the food products. Also, the usage of sulphur dioxide in wine industry is witnessing substantial growth. The aforementioned factors are expected to drive the market for sulphur chemicals globally, over the forecast period.

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Rising demand for sulphur chemicals in pharmaceutical products is projected to bolster the sulphur chemicals market growth. Sulphur chemicals are strong oxidizing agents, and hence, it is effective to be used in different medicines for treatments against bacteria, fungus, skin diseases, etc. Sulphur is also an established agro-product constituent. Calcium sulphate is an important fertilizer and is well known for increasing aeration and infiltration, improving soil structure and also preventing soil erosion and nutrient runoff. The macroeconomic growth of the agriculture industry is expected to push the demand for sulphur chemicals over the forecast period.

Significant demand for sulphur chemicals come from the textile and paper industry. For instance, sodium hydrosulphide is used for dyeing applications in the textile industry, for the manufacture of high brightness paper, etc. The textile and paper industry is anticipated to provide significant avenues for growth of the global sulphur chemicals market.

Sulphur chemicals are widely used in the rubber industry for the vulcanization of rubber, which is further utilized for various applications. The growth in rubber industry is expected to fuel the sulphur chemicals market growth. Use of sulphur chemicals – for gas leak detection in natural gas industry, in the construction industry for plaster production, etc. has witnessed substantial growth during the last few years and is expected to continue the same over the forecast years.

Market Segmentation

On the basis of product type, the global sulphur chemicals market can be segmented as follows:

Sodium Hydrosulphide

Sodium Hydrosulphite

Sodium Sulphide

Sodium Sulphite

Sodium Thiosulfate

Sodium Formaldehyde Sulphoxylate

Sulphuric Acid

Sulphur Dioxide


On the basis of application type, the global sulphur chemicals market can be segmented as follows:

Food and Beverage


Oil and Gas


Textile and Leather


Cleaning Chemicals


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Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants in the global sulphur chemicals market identified across the value chain include:

Georgia Gulf Sulfur Corporation

The Dow Chemical Company

Eastman Chemical Company

Valero Marketing and Supply Company


Akzo Nobel N.V.

Hydrite Chemical

Enersul Limited Partnership

The STEBBINS Engineering and Manufacturing Company


Sulfur Chemical W.L.L.

Jaishil Sulfur and Chemical Industries