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Summer Church Camp Adventures Are Safer with YellowBird Bus Company


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2019 -- Church and youth group leaders who are planning a summer retreat or getaway are encouraged to contact YellowBird Bus Company to schedule safe and reliable group transportation. Church group bus rentals in Philadelphia, PA give group leaders the peace of mind that comes along with knowing that everyone in their party will arrive at the outing or retreat safely and on-time for any reservations or events.

As the weather warms up, religious leaders across the state of Pennsylvania are gearing up for a few months of fun in the sun. Unfortunately, dehydration and highway congestion can lead to more accidents during the summer season. Church, synagogue, and youth group leaders are advised to take precautions this summer by choosing YellowBird Bus Company to provide transportation for retreats, camps, and other special events.

YellowBird Bus Company employs a full team of professional drivers, and their yellow bus transportation is an affordable alternative to chartered bus services. Their drivers are held to the highest safety standards. With over three decades of experience serving members of the Philadelphia community, YellowBird Bus Company is a top choice when it comes to reliable church group transportation.

Summer is right around the corner—and now is the perfect time for church, synagogue, and other religious leaders to schedule their church bus rental in Philadelphia, PA with YellowBird Bus Company. Anyone who's interested in learning more about the team at YellowBird or who would like to make their transportation reservation is encouraged to give them a call today at 215-352-3042 or to pay them a visit online at to learn more about currently available specials and services.

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With over three decades of experience providing world-class transportation services, YellowBird Bus Company ensures that every ride meets safety regulations and traveling expectations. The company operates with a full fleet of over a hundred buses, all operated by trained drivers. At the most reasonable rates, YellowBird Bus Company provides transportation for all types of occasions, such as sports games, senior trips, weddings, church gatherings, ski trips and more.

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