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Summer Water Sports Under Threat in Morzine

In the Alps, MTB and outdoor activity holidays are very popular, but now summer water sports could be under threat in Morzine.


Weybridge, Surrey -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2013 -- Morzine is known all over Europe for being an excellent ski resort, but there is far more to Morzine than just skiing. It also attracts outdoor sports enthusiasts throughout the summer months where Alps MTB holidays are very popular, as well as activity holidays where water sports such as kayaking, rafting and canoeing play a large role.

However, the future of these outside water-based activities could now be under threat, which could have a dramatic effect on the resort area during the summer. Local business Ski Morzine, which hosts an array of visitors looking to participate in such activities, remains positive; “People come to Morzine for summer holiday to enjoy all aspects of the area, water sports is just one of those. Although the Damn might, we are hopeful that the impact on the tourism industry is minimal,” a spokesperson for the company says.

The activities take place on the Dranse River, which is currently an excellent river for white water activities. However, potential changes are soon to be imposed on the flow of the river that could affect the sports that take place here.

The river flows to Lake Léman, and during the summer when there is less rain, white water activities are enabled by the water that is released by the Jotty dam. However, in 2014 this could change as a law from 2007 will see the amount of flow increased. If this happens, the dam will no longer have the amount of water necessary to increase the water flow at intervals, thereby affecting the water sports.

In the Alps, MTB holidays are just one of the main attractions, and water sports make up a big part of the summer activity holidays. If it comes into effect, it could badly affect the companies and tourists. Ski Morzine, although hopeful that this will not have a great affect, is remaining cautious, and encouraging visitors to sign a petition to guarantee the continuation of the fantastic water sports activities.

As a result, appeals are now being made to the authorities to prevent the law from coming into effect. There is even a petition that has been released by a rafting company. For anyone planning to go to Morzine in the Alps, MTB holidays may well be their main draw. As a result, they may want to consider signing the petition to ensure that water sports can continue here.

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