Sun Laboratories Become the Consumers First Choice for Sunless Tanning Products

Consumers wanting to gain a perfect tan without risking damage to their skin by harmful sunrays are now turning to Sunless Tanning Products


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2014 -- Most people enjoy the sun, it makes them feel good, and in the short term it produces a nice tan. However in the long term it could cause serious health issues if people spend too much time under the sun.

The sun may look nice and people may celebrate when the sun comes out and there is a hot summer ahead, but what people do not understand, the sun is nobody’s friend.

By spending to much time in the sun, a 30 year old woman could actually look as old as 50, but for someone who does not over sunbath and or spend long periods of time using sunbeds, they could have much younger looking skin. Through using Sun Laboratories products, men and women could look after their skin and reduce the common skin problems that can be caused by over exposure from the sun

Sun Laboratories have become the consumer’s choice in helping people achieve the perfect tan without risking long periods of time in the sun. With so many products on their website, they are fast becoming one of the biggest self tanning manufactories and distributors.

With so many health and beauty products available, the self-tanning website is able to offer most people the products that they need.

According to a spokesman for Sun Laboratories, men and women no longer have to risk their health for the perfect tan. With the whole range of products available, men and women around the world will be able to achieve the perfect tan without damaging their skin or causing any serious health problems.

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About Sun Laboratories
Sun Laboratories is a market leader of Sun Tanning Lotion products. The lotions are formulated, produced, bottled and shipped all over the world from the factory premises located at Chatsworth, CA. Sun Laboratories is known for its ground breaking ideas and innovative products in the tanning lotion category. It has garnered the loyalty of customer over the quarter of century. Established by a visionary Gisela Hunter who had the vision of fulfilling the desire of hundreds of people to achieve healthy and sun-kissed skin around the year, the organization has been able to carry forward the vision of Gisela.