Sun Laboratories Launch Tan Overnight Self Tan Lotion to Create the Most Natural Looking Tan Instantly

A new self-tanning lotion has been launched to allow men and women to achieve a natural looking tan without spending hours under the sun or in a sun-tanning studio


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2014 -- Doctors around the world have warned people about spending too much time in the sun and have also warned against using sunbeds, claiming these two methods to gain the perfect tan can damage their skin and could cause skin cancer. That is why millions of people around the world are looking for a safe way to achieve that perfect tan, and according to Sun Laboratories, their Tan Overnight Self Tan Lotion is the perfect solution.

Sun Laboratories Self Tanning Lotion Tan Overnight, which is available from Amazon at $15.95, ( has received positive reviews from consumers who have tried the product and from beauty and health websites. By providing a safe way to achieve a natural tan, men and women do not have to worry about risking their health.

By avoiding staying in the sun for too long and attending sun tanning studios, men and women can stop the damage to their skin and avoid looking older before their time. More importantly, by using safe self-tanning lotion, people can also avoid the serious help issues that are caused through too much sun.

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About Sun Self Tanning Lotion Tan Overnight
Sun Self Tanning Lotion Tan Overnight is manufactured by Sun Laboratories, Inc. Sun Laboratories, based on Chatsworth CA, is the market leader in sunless tanning products with the experience of over a quarter of century in manufacture and sales of tanning lotion. An industry leader in tanning lotion, Sun Laboratories manufactures Tanning products that continue to win customers' rave review and excellent market place.