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Sunbelievable NJ Author Scores Six National Awards for Debut Children's Book

Having received a myriad of coveted accolades for her inspiring narrative and stunning digital imagery, author Jo Ann Kairys pledges to offer all children a sunbelievable reading experience.


Holmdel, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2012 -- While some new children’s authors would consider themselves lucky to simply break even with their debut title, New Jersey-based writer, Jo Ann Kairys, proves that venturing into a new genre is no bar to National success.

Kairys’ first children’s book, Sunbelievable: Connecting Children with Science and Nature, has brightened the literary landscape and earned her six National U.S awards this year alone. With accolades including the coveted Mom’s Gold Choice and Indie Excellence awards, Kairys proves that self-published success is possible.

Sunbelievable is a humorous, educational children's picture book for ages 4-8. The story tells the captivating tale of two young sisters who are forced to abandon their playtime on the beach when darkness falls. Safely indoors, the duo weave fantastical stories about what the Sun likes to do when it ‘goes away’. From riding rollercoasters and teaching fireflies to shine, to taking bubble baths and eating pizza, the personified Sun’s imaginary life is backed up with plenty of real-world facts (contributed by NASA's Chief Technologist) and stunning digital imagery.

The latter has, in itself, earned Kairys a host of awards.

“The quirky illustrations not only burst with color, but offer a second-read appeal. Young readers will discover new details each time they page through the book. The illustrations, like the book's story, are an interesting combination of realism and fantasy,” explains Kairys, who had no formal art experience before writing Sunbelievable.

Continuing, “Although the girls, the beach, and their home are portrayed realistically, the illustrations include intriguing details to spark children’s imaginations, such as sprinkles of fairy dust and mice wearing top hats!”

Critics are praising the book’s illustrations for their deep appeal. The San Francisco and Sacramento Book Review writes, "The pages that feature the Sun's life are unforgettable. You can't take your eyes off them!”

Kairys’ real-world subplots have also contributed to her rapid success and popularity. “The book also focuses on the concept of multicultural family: the girls' love for each other and their relationship with their parents. When, so often, children's books and cartoons portray the relationship between siblings and parents as less than ideal, Sunbelievable offers a compelling message: building strong family bonds through play and imagination,” she adds.

Kairys’ own family played a vital role in the development of the book. As a self-confessed ‘late bloomer’ to published literature, Kairys co-wrote the book with her own son, featuring her grandchildren as the book’s main characters.

With six National awards, strong media interest and a demand for further insight into what the Sun does when the lights go off, Kairys has recently announced the book’s sequel. Due for release in fall of this year, along with an interactive book App, children and parents are promised plenty more reading and learning fun in this one-of-a-kind storytelling experience.

Sunbelievable Connecting Children with Science and Nature, published by the author’s self-owned Story Quest Books, LLC, is available now from Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Whole Foods and other retailers.
For more media information, including interview questions and a short video trailer, please visit Jo Ann’s website/blog: http://www.storyquestbooks.com and social media channels: Facebook and Twitter.

About Jo Ann Kairys
Jo Ann Kairys is a professional science writer with numerous publications in peer reviewed medical journals.

Jo Ann is the youngest of three sisters who grew up in Philadelphia, making up and acting out fairy tales. She has always loved children's literature and recently began writing stories for her grandchildren.

From extensive travels and teaching in maternal and child health centers in Russia and Central and Eastern Europe, she draws upon the imagination and dreams of children around the globe.

Jo Ann writes from her home in New Jersey. Her original photographs from New England to Siberia set the stage for her unique digital art. She continues to write for the medical profession, focusing on research to improve healthcare for under-served children.