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Sunburst on a Mexican Beach - The Art of Sunset Photography

To Capturing the Beauty of a Burst of Sun Rays is to be in the Right Place at the Right Time


Wilsonville, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2014 -- Anyone who witnesses something beautiful, wishes to turn it into a memory and take it with them. When it comes to a sunset by the beach, this rings true for all. But when an amateur takes a snap of the breath taking beauty of light, glare and rays, the results are invariably underwhelming. One might expect to see the subtle interplay of light and shadow, and be unpleasantly surprised with an underexposed image. Alternately, one might try to capture the brilliant rays of sunburst, and end up with an unsightly glare in the middle of the frame, while the rest of the picture is either burnt out or dark. Interestingly, this is the case even for many professional photographers. It is impossible for a sunset to not look beautiful. What is the true challenge though, is to capture its beauty through the lens.

Not so, for photographer David Frates, whose still image ‘Sunburst on a Mexican Beach’ is a study of the natural beauty of light. If one were to break down the photograph into all the aspects that are appealing, one might find, at first glance, the following; the idyllic setting of the beach chairs and thatched umbrellas, the texture of the sand, the gnarled trees, all of which are misshapen and yet in an almost straight line, the endless waters of the sea in the background and most prominently, the burst of sunrays.

It is possible to create or find many photographs that fit this description. But the photograph in question, has something else, much more subtle, that appeals to the viewer at a subconscious level. It has a very specific emotion; nostalgic yearning.

This photograph evokes a feeling of homesickness, for a place that one has never visited. There is no word for this feeling in the English language, but the Germans call it ‘Fernweh’. It is this feeling that tourism advertisements and photographs try desperately to evoke. It is this feeling that lies at the core of ‘sunburst on a Mexican beach’, thus making the viewer connect to it not just visually, but at a very deep emotional level.

In the words of photographer David Frates himself, ‘I've always yearned to bring emotion to my life, and to that of others. Photography allows me to do this. I feel an immense satisfaction that my work touches the lives of others.’

About David Frates
David Frates is an award winning professional photographer, who has been in the field for over two and a half decades. He straddled multiple genres of photography with equal technical brilliance and is sought after for his ability to infuse emotion into his still images.

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