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Suncore Industries Inc. Moves to New, Larger Suspension Parts Facility in Pompano Beach, FL


Pompano Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2012 -- One of the first things a person notices when driving a car is how smooth of a ride it delivers. In fact, many studies have shown the way in which a car or SUV drives is a huge deciding factor in whether or not a purchase will be made.

But regardless of how great a car or SUV rides in the beginning, after a while the automobile’s shocks, struts or suspension parts will need to be replaced to regain the ultimate smooth ride.

With a 99.9 percent success rate across their entire line of air and non-air suspension parts and products, Suncore Industries Inc. recently moved to a brand new, larger facility in Pompano Beach, FL. In business since 2000, Suncore Industries features Ford Expedition air suspension parts as well as quality air suspension parts and conversion kits for a number of other car manufacturers. The company also offers the longest warranties compared to every other similar product manufacturer, including Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), earning them high praise from past customers.

When a person’s Ford Expedition struts or their Ford Expedition air spring bags go out, it is nearly impossible to drive due to the vibration and shaking that occurs. Suncore Industries provides a host of solutions, including Ford Expedition air suspension parts, which are the softest on the road.

In addition to the company’s new, top-notch facility, Suncore Industries features a comprehensive website, SuncoreIndustries.com, where visitors can buy Ford Expedition suspension parts, as well as a wide range of additional products.

According to a representative from Suncore Industries, the company’s mission is to provide customers with the quality, service and technical support that is expected and deserved.

“Our website is designed to allow you to gain easy access to the part solutions that you need, but we also know and feel that verbal communication should never be completely replaced,” said the company representative. “Therefore, there is always someone at Suncore to receive your call without having to require you to go through an automated menu. We are here to answer any questions you have, again suggesting that we are like you, trying to view our business through your eyes.”

The new Suncore Industries facility is located at 2095 North Andrews Avenue Extension in Pompano Beach, FL 33069 and is accessible by way of I-95 and Copans Road.

For more information, visit http://www.SuncoreIndustries.com

About Suncore Industries Inc.
Since 2000, Suncore Industries Inc. has been providing customers with top-quality air and non-air suspension parts and conversion kits for a number of car and SUV manufacturers. The company is a member of the Automotive Parts Rebuilders Association (APRA) and has maintained a 99.9 percent success rate across their entire line of products. Through its new facility in Pompano Beach, FL and its comprehensive website, Suncore Industries offers both quality and reliability to customers worldwide.