Sunday Speed and Custom Recommends Close Proximity Video to Tune Race Cars

Sunday Speed and Custom, a leading supplier of high performance car parts and racing auto parts, recommends racers use video as a tuning aid to set up their cars. Sunday’s new online auto store which he runs after years and years of experience features these high definition cameras and much more ranging from crate motors, engine parts, hot rods, exhaust parts, gaskets, camshafts etc. One of the newest product they’re offering in the camera range is the Replay XD 1080 high definition camera.


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/10/2013 -- Sunday Speed and Custom, a leading supplier of high performance and racing auto parts, recommends racers use video as a tuning aid to set up their cars. “Small light high-definition video cameras allow race car tuners to see the action of the suspension and tires of their cars from very close proximity. This information has not been available to tuners until very recently”, says owner and CEO of Sunday Speed and Custom, Steve Allred. “Video and excellent quality audio, used in conjunction with data recorded by other sensor systems, can be a great help in making tuning decisions. It really can help win races”.

Small video cameras are widely used to document action sports but auto racing is a brutal environment with frequent bumping banging and vibration. Not all small cameras are strong enough to survive such harsh conditions. Sunday has found the Replay XD 1080 high definition camera is up to the task. “The Replay XD 1080 housing is hard anodized aluminum and all components are strong and rugged. It is the smallest and lightest camera capable of full high definition video so the quality of the output is excellent” says Allred.

Not long ago the information used to make tuning decisions on a race car was limited the tuner watching his car on the race track and the driver reporting to the tuner what the seat of his pants was telling him. Some tuners have keen eyes and some drivers have keen seats in their pants. That information is still used by racers today but many modern race cars have a series of sensors and a data recording device to provide key information to tuners. High quality video and audio can add to that information and can be the tuners eyes and ears in the race car.

The Replay XD 1080 camera can be used to record driver activities as well as car functions. Video of a driver can be very helpful with driver development. Race car drivers work to develop smooth efficient driving techniques. Analyzing video can help speed up the driver development process.

The Sunday Speed and Custom online store carries race car setup and tuning tools and equipment for a wide variety of race cars. Recently the store added the Replay XD 1080 camera to their inventory along with a large selection of billet mounting brackets and accessories so the camera can be mounted practically anywhere on a race car. The camera is priced aggressively so all racers can afford to take advantage of this great new tuning tool. Apart from such tools, Sunday Speed and Custom also carries a range of high performance and hot rod auto equipment ranging from crate motors, superchargers, nitrous oxide kits, exhaust kits, carburetors, racing apparel and much more.

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