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Sunmed Mobility Offers Vehicle Lift Devices

Sunmed Mobility is widely known for their variety of mobility devices, but now, with vehicle lift devices, patients will be able to easily move wheelchairs and scooters into vehicles. With a vehicle lift device, wheelchair and scooter users can remain mobile anywhere.


Huntington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2013 -- Sunmed Mobility is enhancing patients' mobility with new vehicle lift devices. While those who use electric wheelchairs or handicap scooters may enjoy the freedom of mobility these vehicles bring, moving them from one location to another can be a problem. A portable wheelchair can be folded and placed in most trunks, but a power scooter or electric wheelchair is much heavier and requires transporting through other means.

Many users choose an electric mobility scooter that can be disassembled for travel, but this can mean hours spent taking apart and putting together a scooter if the user travels or shops frequently. Furthermore, some users simply cannot handle a travel scooter or travel wheelchair if it means lifting parts and putting them into a vehicle.

Sunmed Mobility understands that a vehicle lift device can mean the difference between being able to travel at will and being forced to rely on services provided by friends, relatives or home health care. A vehicle lift device means independence and mobility no matter where the user wants to go.

A vehicle lift device operates on hydraulic or electric components. The user operates the lift from controls located on the lift itself or inside the vehicle. The lift lowers to the ground and allows the user to roll the wheelchair or scooter onto it. It then raises until the chair is level with the vehicle floor. Once the lift has deposited the vehicle it can be folded for travel.

Sunmed Mobility offers several different types of wheelchair and scooter vehicle lifts, including:

- External power scooter or wheelchair lifts that mount the vehicle to the back of a car for easy storage during travel.
- Double-ended lifts that allow users to drive a scooter or wheelchair in from either side, facilitating the loading of these vehicles in crowded parking areas.
- Boom structures that lift heavier or larger scooters or wheelchairs easily.
- Interior models for vans that allow users to manipulate the scooter or wheelchair from inside the vehicle, removing the need for external transport.

A vehicle lift can be purchased for almost any type of mobility vehicle. Sunmed Mobility allows users to choose various types of lifts such as external or internal to meet particular needs as well as lifts that can handle a wide variety of weights and sizes. At Sunmed Mobility, there is a vehicle lift for every type of mobility device and every customer.

About Sunmed Mobility
Sunmed Mobility is a company that provides the best in mobility solutions for patients and families no matter what their requirements. With top-quality power lift chairs, power scooters, wheelchairs, hospital beds and vehicle lift devices, Sunmed Mobility provides everything needed for individuals to live independent, mobile lives.

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