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SunMed Mobility Promotes Hospital Bed Supplies

SunMed Mobility is offering a full line of electric lift chair products and electric hospital bed solutions to customers in need of assistance.


Huntington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2013 -- SunMed Mobility is offering customers the help that they need, promoting a full line of hospital supplies and mobile medical supplies. Medical supplies have become so expensive that many people think they must do without needed accessories such as a travel wheelchair or a hospital bed. SunMed Mobility believes that everyone who needs a power scooter , power assist wheelchair or portable wheelchair lift should have one.

SunMed Mobility not only makes these supplies affordable by searching for the best deals and assisting customers with creative financing; the company also supplies many stationary items unavailable from other vendors who sell handicap scooters or portable wheelchairs. SunMed Mobility also has a full line of hospital beds as well as power lift chair options for use in the home.

While it is very important for those with limited movement to have access to mobility solutions such as a travel scooter, it is also important for those same patients to have the right accessories at home. Many patients sleep uncomfortably on a flat bed when they really need a hospital bed, and many caregivers struggle with the extra work such a situation entails.

This is unnecessary when SunMed Mobility can find the best prices and the most creative financing on stationary solutions for mobility-impaired patients. SunMed Mobility can work with patients and their families to provide stationary medical solutions such as hospital beds, power lift chairs, shower and bath seating and other devices to make life simpler, easier and more comfortable for patients with limited mobility.

SunMed Mobility has long been known for its wide variety of electric mobility scooters, mobility scooter batteries, and a full line of mobility scooter accessories. Now, in addition to the most comprehensive selection of electric mobility scooters for sale and mobility scooter parts, SunMed Mobility can also offer a full line of hospital beds, bathroom solutions and power lift chairs for at-home comfort.

About SunMed Mobility
SunMed Mobility is a company that specializes in providing handicap scooters, portable wheelchair products and electric wheelchair parts and accessories. In addition to the best line of electric mobility scooter products, SunMed Mobility also provides stationary supplies such as hospital beds and power lift chairs for bedridden or mobility-challenged patients. SunMed Mobility works with patients to find the perfect financing options so that no one does without needed medical supplies. Whether patients need mobile scooters or other types of mobility supplies, SunMed Mobility can find the right solution at the right price.