Sunny Owen Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Raise Funds for Her New Venture 'Chasing Sunlight Designs'

This is the story of how art saved Sunny Owen’s life.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2014 -- In 2011, Sunny’s partner Jack died after a five-year illness. Sunny was devastated and exhausted, and crawled into bed for about a year and a half. She wanted to give up on life. During this time, Sunny’s iPhone was her sole companion. At some point, she "discovered" its camera, and started taking pictures.

Pretty soon, Sunny began posting them on Instagram, and learned about photo editing. She met a whole community of people who loved creating abstract and collage art right on their phones. She was hooked. Suddenly, Sunny had a reason to live again.

Not long ago, Sunny decided it was time to share her art in a new way, and she created an Etsy store called Chasing Sunlight Bags. She began by selling tote bags decorated with her designs. Now it's time to expand her offerings to note cards and prints as well. Sunny is calling her new venture Chasing Sunlight Designs.

The funding goal of $10,000 will help Sunny Owen grow her business by giving her three productive, focused months in which to revamp marketing, explore the process of creating high-quality art prints and note cards, and continue designing more art for her Etsy shop.

In addition, she needs to invest in some tools and equipment to make her products.
More specifically:

- 6100 will cover basic expenses
- 1600 will go towards the cost of this campaign
- 900 will pay for an iPad and a heat press
- 600 will cover marketing materials and resources including a website, business cards, and hiring a marketing consultant
- 500 will cover experimentation, research, and miscellaneous expenses

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About Chasing Sunlight Designs
Chasing Sunlight Designs is creative venture from Sunny Owen to expand her Etsy store called Chasing Sunlight Bags. The project’s objective is to create high-quality art prints and note cards, and continue designing more art for the Etsy shop.