Joe Bragg Unveils Stunning Collection of Chinese Art and Antiques


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/14/2012 -- China is a part of the world with an incredibly rich and interesting history. Thousands of years of Chinese civilization has produced a wide range of beautiful art works and antiques, ranging from well known pieces such as Ming dynasty porcelain to more obscure works such as glassware from the Kangxi era. This wide range of artifacts is highly sought after by a huge number of collectors throughout the world.

One Chinese artwork and antique website that is starting to get a lot of attention is, the online home of an incredible collection of Chinese antiquities. They have gained a substantial reputation for their fine selection of artworks, in many different styles and from a vast range of historical periods.

The works of art on stretch right back to the ancient Xia Dynasty, the first recorded Chinese civilization. The collection of Chinese antiques stretches all the way through history, and even includes some exquisite pieces of art from the modern era. Highlights of the collection include an incredibly rare Eastern Zhou jade artwork and several immaculate pieces of metalwork from the Tang era.

The displayed antiques were collected over a thirty year period by Weng Guozhong, one of the proprietors of the gallery. Many of the pieces of this diverse collection are merely displayed to the public on the website. However some of these works of art are actually for sale, which is a very exciting prospect for any collector or art lover. The pieces for sale can even be ordered online.

A spokesperson for the site said: “We feel extremely fortunate to be able to present such a diverse and wide ranging collection of fine China art. We have pieces from the entire span of Chinese civilization, including bronze, porcelain, jade and even Tang tri-colored pottery, a famous symbol of the prosperous Tang dynasty. We have many fantastic pieces for sale. Unlike auction houses in the west, we try to price our collections not in accordance with what we think people will pay, but as close to the true value of the art work as possible. Our goal is to unveil to the world some of the most incredible pieces of Chinese art work and antiques that have ever been created.”

About is an online art gallery, specializing in the sale of incredible Chinese antiques and art works from a wide range of historical periods.

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