Joe Bragg Offers Travel Incentives to Businesses


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2012 -- Business in America is built around having the best customer service in the world. Customers in America can expect to be rewarded for their loyalty, and in corporate business relationships, lucrative contracts can often be won and kept on the basis of how a company deals with its partners.

Sunrise Premiums offers travel incentives of up to 90% off the retail price on a wide variety of holiday packages including flights and hotels, cruises and all inclusive holidays to businesses, who can then pass these incredible discounts on to customers and business partners as a business incentive. The huge savings Sunrise Premium incentives can make is said to be ‘insignificant’ next to other incentives like reducing the cost of work by as little as 10%, which ultimately cuts into business profits.

Sunrise Premiums is the brainchild of entrepreneur Steve Kessler, who has innovated the strategy since entering the travel incentives industry in 1997. Building an extensive network of business relationships with airlines, hotel chains and package holiday providers, he is able to secure unmatchable discounts on holidays for customer care programs and incentives.

Just as he has built strong relationships with the travel industry, Steve has gotten together an all-star client list who are more than happy to use Sunrise Premiums incentives as part of their business strategy. From the 1st Federal Savings Bank and the American Cancer Society to Jeep and Chevrolet to General Electric and Shield Security, some of the biggest national and international corporations know Steve Kessler’s Sunrise Premiums can bring them the unbeatable incentives that make an immeasurable difference to corporate and consumer relationships.

Mr Kessler had this to say of his initiatives, “Sunrise Premiums is constantly on the hunt for innovative ways to meet the demands of a changing market so that customers are assured that they are working with the best in the business. Unlike most travel incentive providers, we can provide a guarantee of our customers’ satisfaction and that of their customers, because all packages and certificates purchased from Sunrise Premiums are backed and fulfilled by our travel partner, Prestige Travel. It’s a system that sets us apart, and is key to our success.”

About Sunrise Premiums
A trendsetter in the Travel Incentives industry since 1997, Steven Kessler launched Sunrise Premiums because he holds the recipe to growing your business. By partnering with top-notch airlines, hotels and travel businesses worldwide, Sunrise Premiums developed unparalleled results-oriented travel incentive packages for pennies on the dollar. For more information visit