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Sunscreen Tips Revealed from Camping Gear Supplier Everything Summer Camp

Everything Summer Camp, the leading supplier of summer camp gear for kids, has published a list of sun safety tips for summer campers. Some of the tips that are offered here include when to apply your sunscreen, why to apply sunscreen, and a discussion about sun-protective clothing.


Boyd, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/10/2013 -- Everything Summer Camp, C&N Footlocker’s summer camp supply website, has been a trusted supplier of summer camp gear since 1987. They supply a full line of products for summer campers including products that are designed to keep campers safe, comfortable, and having fun for their entire camp session. This includes items like sunscreen, insect repellants, foot lockers, sporting helmets, and other camping gear.

The staff at Everything Summer Camp has published a few useful sun safety tips for campers that will be spending their time in the sun this summer. Just like any other piece of camping gear, it is important to understand how to use your sun screen properly.

First, campers should remember to apply a layer of sunscreen approx. 20 minutes before heading out into the sun. This allows the sunscreen to become effective and do its job from the moment that a camper steps out into the sun.

Another important thing to remember is that even on a cloudy day when the sun cannot be seen, campers are still being exposed to harmful UV rays. This is especially important for campers that are spending time on the water. In those scenarios, the sun and its rays can reflect off of the water and be nearly just as harmful on their way back up into the air.

Campers who are visiting the ski/snowboard summer camps at Mt. Hood or Whistler/Blackcomb should be especially mindful of this. The snow is notorious for reflecting UV rays onto areas of the body that normally don’t require sunscreen like the inside of a camper’s nose. This is an especially painful place to receive a sunburn.

Some sun screen products are manufactured to offer protection for a longer period of time than others. Campers should read the back of their sunscreen bottle carefully and be sure to re-apply sunscreen as directed.

Customer service and ease-of-use on the website are considered to be top priorities by the staff at Everything Summer Camp. In addition to email and the online contact forms, customers can call the hotline (1-800-535-2057) or chat live with a company representative through the chat box right on the website.

The staff is always happy to answer questions about name labels, foot lockers, flashlights, sun protection, or any other type of summer camping gear that is seen on the website.

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