Sunwest Trust, Inc. Announces Release of to Help Investors Track Their IRA LLC


Albuquerque, NM -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2013 -- Sunwest Trust, Inc. announces the release of, which is their latest web-based software program to help IRA LLC holders keep track their investments.

Sunwest Trust, Inc., announces the release of, which is their latest web-based software program to help IRA LLC holders keep better track of their investments. The software package is now available online to all Sunwest Trust clients free of charge.

According to a company spokesman, my was created because they discovered over the years many of their clients were looking for a way to keep track of investment activities inside their IRA LLCs, but they did not have a viable tracking option. “In many cases, we found an Excel spreadsheet just did not cut it, and programs like QuickBooks were just not specific enough to aid our clients with tracking the activity inside their IRA LLC. However, with, this software package was specifically designed with the IRA LLC holder in mind from the beginning.

The company spokesman wants clients to understand while the software application is a great tool to track their IRA account activity inputted into the bookkeeping system, it is not meant to take the place of a knowledgeable CPA, tax attorney or financial advisor. “Although the tracking software is robust, it has limited purview and if used properly it is only meant to act as a tool to help individuals keep track of their IRA LLC activity, print checks to purchase investments and simplify reporting IRA investment activities to Sunwest Trust.”

The company spokesperson adds, “The application does not provide investment advice, evaluate whether an investment will be profitable, evaluate the character of an investment promoter or determine whether or not a possible IRA transaction is prohibited by the IRS.” Sunwest Trust strongly suggests that since their IRA clients with their firm are self-directed, “They seek out or continue to use qualified legal or tax professionals to review all their iRA LLC transactions, especially prior to making either a conventional or alternative investment.”

To learn more about the new and to better track your IRA LLC transactional activities, please click on this link now for more information.

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