Super Beta Prostate Proven to Work by Leading Medical Researcher


Orem, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2013 -- Herbalist Mr. James Evans investigates Super Beta Prostate and reveals findings: “I can very confidently say that this is the prostate solution men around the country have been waiting for. Based on natural ingredients, I can finally recommend something that isn't in line with what Big Pharma expects of me. What's more, it's safe for virtually everybody.”

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Prostate conditions are on the rise. According to popular medical advice that suggests we ought to be consuming more Omega-3 oils and Vitamin C, both are contributing factors to the elevation in prostate conditions that men throughout North America and Europe are experiencing. However, for the most part, these conditions are relatively non-threatening and can be treated using prescription medication. Does this mean prescriptions are the best route? According to Mr. Evans, the answer is no.

What is Super Beta Prostate?
Super Beta Prostate is marketed as a dietary supplement, which is made up of natural ingredients that directly promote anti-inflammatory and regulatory qualities within the prostate bland in men. This is because the blend is mostly made up of Beta-sitosterol. This is a compound that's found in the majority of plants and berries and this particular supplement extracts from saw palmetto berries. It contains a serving of 250mg of beta-sitosterol and 600mg of mixed plant sterols. The combination, together with 100% RDA of Vitamin D that's also included, helps ensure a man's prostate works at its best and alleviates any existing conditions that are present.

Why is it Doctor Recommended?
According to Mr. Evans, “For too long we've depended on prescription medication. While I don't find anything wrong with doctors writing a prescription where it's necessary, too many doctors in the United States and indeed the world are comfortably writing a plethora of prescriptions that are doing more harm than good. I believe a natural solution should be explored before chemical solutions are brought into play unless there's an immediate need for my patients' health. “When it comes to prostate health, it fits the bill by being all natural and including ingredients I've seen work in my patients.”

Does Super Beta Prostate Work?
Yes, according to Mr. Evans and user testimonials on the Internet, Super Beta Prostate does indeed work. There are very few negatives to the product and the majority of testimonials are largely positive. After all, it is one of the bestselling prostate blends in the United States, so it has to be doing something, right? Well, there's more to it than just that.

The use of beta-sitosterols has been long proven to work in men experiencing prostate issues. According to Holland and Barrett, the United Kingdom's leading provider of healthcare supplements, beta-sitosterols are used by men who have erratic urinary flow with overwhelming success. This is an issue that's largely related to prostate inefficiency.

It's important for users to be cautious about where they're purchasing the supplement from though. The official website is the only reputable place simply because it's the only site that guarantees users will end up with the “official” product. Mr. Evans comments, “The official website is the only place I recommend my patients order from if they're not able to purchase the product directly from me. It saves quite a few headaches due to inferior or even counterfeit supplements being sent out to them. They also have a free bottle offer”

Mr. Evans also advises, “Shoppers need to fully realize the only way they can be certain they receive the true authentic version of this device with the free bottle give away offer is by only purchasing it from The Official Website.

Please visit the official website for Super Beta Prostate here.

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