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Super Beta Prostate Supplements the Most Effective Prostrate Supplement Announces Buy Super Beta Prostate

Over 2 millions courses of the supplement sold in the US, reports Buy Super Beta Prostate


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2013 -- Buy Super Beta Prostate is reporting that over 2 million of the Super Beta Prostate supplement courses have been sold over the last year, citing the free trial as a principle contributor to this marked success.

“People need to experience this to believe it,” their spokesman explained, “and the free trial allows them to do just that.”

The supplement promises a blend of natural ingredients, including the active compound Beta Sitosterol along with a cocktail of minerals designed to aid the function of the prostate, decrease inflammation and promote the healthy working of the organ. All the information is brought directly from the products own site, to which it link users to find a thirty day free trial ready and waiting.

The Buy Super Beta Prostate website introduces the product to those who may not already be aware of it. The introductory post describes the product in brief, it’s chief uses, and the special offers available for consumers to take advantage of. The Super Beta Prostate review is a glowing testimonial that is at times personal and at times scientifically based, citing statistics on the prevalence of prostate problems for men fitting certain age demographics.

Concerns about safety are natural when looking into purchasing meds, and the site goes to some length to assure potential users that the ingredients cannot be harmful in the dosage administered and that long term health benefits have been found by the British Journal of Health.

“We do our best to explain the success of the product,” the spokesman continued, “but we also let real users of the product do much of the talking for us. We have reviews from all over the states, from people of all walks of life. These aren’t naïve individuals falling for a scam, but as with all great things, the big change will be seen as those who give it a try change attitudes through word of mouth.”

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