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Super Body, Super Brain Exercise Program Launches in Asia


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2014 -- Super Body, the Super Brain (SBSB) has finished a spectacular tour in the Southeast Asia region in the countries of Singapore and Indonesia reaching the next milestone for the Southeast Asia expansion and brand establishment. Super body Super Brain is a cutting edge exercise program involving a multidisciplinary approach involving neurologists, psychiatrists, Kinesiologists and personal trainers among others to deliver the best brain body exercise program. The program has been launched in Singapore and Indonesia certifying over 200 instructors and implementing the program in the Medical Hospital of Azra in Bogor. Michael Gonzalez-Wallace, CEO and Founder of the Program Super Body, Super Brain was also invited by The Indonesia Faculty of Medicine to explain his multidisciplinary approach to exercise and how doctors and fitness trainers should be working together creating better health programs.

According to the sources, the program has attracted hundreds of people in the Seminar at the Hospital Medical Center of Azra in Bogor. As a result The Bank CIMB Niaga is implementing SBSB as part as their program for corporate wellness. When contacted, Michael Gonzalez-Wallace said, "Even though your brain is not a muscle, you can use your muscles to boost your brainpower. Each SUPER BODY, SUPER BRAIN exercise may seem easy to perform, but the crucial element is that your brain perceives the exercises as challenging."Gonzalez-Wallace developed his program over a period of years, drawing on the work and input of dozens of neuroscientists, neurokinesiologists, physicians, psychiatrists, and brain researchers from all over the world, who all support the notion that the right kind of exercise can indeed improve the brainpower.

The SBSB workout program is based on a well-known book written by Michael Gonzalez-Wallace in 2011 and offers a full-body workout while simulating the human brain. This simple workout regime not only results in lean and fit body, but also improves memory and concentration significantly. SBSB workout only takes ten minutes to complete and can be done almost anywhere without requiring any special equipment.

According to John Martin, PhD Neuroscientist from Columbia University "Michael's exercises require new coordination patterns," says Martin. "They seem to mix a challenging posture requiring balance together with a limb movement. This may be similar to creating a cognitive reserve by learning a new language later in life, or learning to play a musical instrument. The exercises likely drive more neural activity in more parts of the brain. This can strengthen neural connections in the action systems of the brain"

About Michael Gonzalez
Wallace has been involved with athletic sports for over 20 years. In 2002 received a certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He's been featured in Redbook, Prevention, O and Fitness magazines, and on and CNN.

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