Super-Fuel-Systems, Inc. Celebrates Fifth Anniversary with Blowout Sale on Fuel Efficiency Systems

Developers of MPG Increasing/Carbon Emissions Decreasing Hydrogen-based (HHO) Fuel Systems Share Their Journey to Becoming Industry Leaders


Lady Lake, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2016 -- Super-Fuel-Systems, Inc. is thrilled to celebrate its fifth anniversary since its founding in June 2011. Even many years prior to its incorporation, the Super-Fuel-Systems team was hard at work developing and researching, marketing, selling, and providing support for HHO, hydrogen on-demand sustainable technology in Canada, the United States, and around the world. The open source hydrogen technology Super-Fuel-Systems has integrated into its products was made popular beginning in the early 2000s and has been improving ever since.

Currently, Super-Fuel-System's two leading systems – Super Fuel SystemTM and Fuel Genie SystemTM – are at the forefront of the development of fuel efficient systems that utilize hydrogen on demand. The main results generated by both are a significant increase in miles per gallon while simultaneously achieving a reduction of carbon emissions and NOx. Some vehicles have been able to get up to and even exceed their standard EPA MPG rating by 50% and, at the same time, nearly eliminate harmful emissions. In the long run, both systems also reduce maintenance costs significantly by working to keep a clean engine by lowering the amount of carbon buildup which, in turn, have the effect of maintaining cleaner oil. Another great benefit is the huge increase in octane level of the gasoline one purchases – improving low octane fuel to an over 100 octane equivalent.

Thousands of earth conscious, thrifty, do-it-yourself driving enthusiasts have benefited tremendously from the tried and true systems after being given the opportunity to purchase the fully assembled, ready-to-install units which can be put into the vehicle by either a mechanic or, if preferred, the vehicle owner themselves by following the step-by-step guides and videos.

While both Super-Fuel-System and Fuel Genie System are both universally applicable to most vehicles, the company's goal as a leader in the industry is to develop vehicle specific applications that can consistently maximize results in both MPG increase and carbon emission decrease. Super-Fuel-Systems is currently in the process of presenting in one document the many independent studies that have already been done and funding independent researchers to rigorously perform additional certified 3rd party testing that will not only go beyond anecdotal evidence and capture results in a controlled lab but also to aid in optimizing vehicle-specific applications that will capitalize on the potential of each vehicle.

"As a leader in this industry, we feel it is our duty to ensure we move beyond the results that thousands of our customers have benefited from and to really solidify the incredible power of this groundbreaking technology through driving our funds towards more and more research and development," shared Super-Fuel-Systems Founder and CEO Joe Dettelis. "From F-150s and Silverados to the Ford Focus and Toyota Prius, Corvettes and everything in between, we plan on taking vehicles that get lower MPGs to those already at decent levels and bolstering them for greatest efficiency, emission reductions and performance. Through standardizing performance across the board, we will continue to revolutionize this technology in a way that always creates amazing value for our customers."

As a further demonstration of its commitment to the technology in their products, Super-Fuel-Systems is having a 5-year anniversary sale that offers its products at unbelievably low prices for a limited time. Information on pricing and product details can be found at

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