Super Fun Stuff Now Offers Amazing Discounts for Inflatable Toys


Blackpool, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/08/2014 -- UK online store Super Fun Stuff has just announced on their website discounts for their inflatable toy products, so orders for inflatable toys results in savings from 5% to 25%. The higher the order value the more money the buyer saves.

Super fun Stuff also issued a statement that all orders before 3pm are dispatched the same day. Besides the best sellers like the stream train, ice cream inflatable and inflatable animals, other toys are now available in the store. Items in the store are arranged in various categories such as musical toys, pool, themed parties and inflatable instruments.

According to Super Fun Stuff their current lineup of inflatable rubber ducks and party toys start at £.89. The company began operations in 2009 in eBay, but as demand for the toys surged, a new online store was established. With the new store, Super Fun Stuff is able to keep prices competitive.

Currently there is increased demand for novelty toys not just in the UK but many parts around the world as parents look for affordable and fun playthings for children. Aside from those, toy weapons are still popular with kids today, as are the alien inflatables and brain stress balls.

Super Fun Stuff also released a statement detailing the expansion of the party inflatables product line along with plush playthings, toy vehicles and a wider range of educational and learning toys. In line with the store’s expansion, Super Fun Stuff has arranged the website so the discounted products are easier to find.

About Super Fun Stuff
Super Fun Stuff is a leading online retailer of novelty toys. Offering a wide range of children’s toys, the range includes joke toys, fancy dresses plush toys and more. Super Fun Stuff also provides shoppers with the newest games for children and various gift ideas as well, available for UK and international deliveries.

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