Dylan Neff

Super Pilgrimage to Give Aid, Find Truth and Self Discovery


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2012 -- Dylan Neff (30) and Hannah Wilson (24), two modern pilgrims, embark on their journey at the end of 2013. Through their pilgrimage, they will gain insight and knowledge about the world, its histories and peoples – with open minds – while giving back to the world by aiding the communities they experience and filming a range of documentaries of their journey for the contributors and people at home.

The beauty of this pilgrimage is the way contributors can be involved – they can choose where their contribution goes and what its used for evidenced by video documentary, photos, letters and other keep-sakes. Each contribution will be personally dedicated on behalf of the supporter too. This way, supporters can help to shape the journey and interact with the world as well.

All the information, experiences, people and locations will come together in a unique set of documentaries showing the real people and places of the world. No fancy camera angles or silly scripts, simply a true account of what they discover worldwide and features for the supporters who contribute to the communities they visit. Proceeds from their documentary will go towards helping those they meet around the world who truly need help.

The journey begins in Ubud, Bali, snaking through war-torn nations in South East Asia like Vietnam, Cambodia and Burma into India, Israel and Egypt. Beyond the Middle East, they will travel to neglected communities in Africa and Eastern Europe. They will connect the dots between some ancient sites and civilizations through the Mediterranean and Western Europe and then make their way to South America. Here, they adventure into the Amazon and connect with people and places from Argentina all the way up to Mexico and the ancient Maya territories of Central America.

Contributions start from as little as $2 through the crowd-funded campaign hosted at http://www.indiegogo.com/superpilgrimage . Hannah and Dylan chose crowd-funding because it allows them to give ‘perks’ back to anyone who contributes, whether it be a “thank you”, a copy of the documentary, a personal prayer at a sacred site, a letter hand delivered to a sponsor child or a day of their time on the journey.

Since they met 4 years ago, Dylan and Hannah have travelled together and independently to many countries in the world. This time though, they want a selfless journey – going where they feel a need and experiencing some of the most underrated and neglected communities of the world; thereby, finding enlightenment through connecting with people and places.

To find out more or to contribute, please go to their website or Facebook page. Discussion, questions and support are welcome.

Contact: Dylan Neff
Work Ph. 1800 053 276
Mob. 0468 695 734
Email: dylan.neff@whylearn.com.au

Website: http://www.indiegogo.com/superpilgrimage
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/superpilgrimage
Twitter: @SuperPilgrimage