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Superabsorbent Polymer Market Projected to Reach US$ 15,467.33 Mn by 2026

Superabsorbent Polymer Market


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2020 -- The global superabsorbent polymer market is expected to witness robust growth, thanks to the growing demand for sanitary products, and disposable baby diapers. The market growth is expected to remain especially dominant in Asia Pacific, led by strong demand in China, and India. The large population in the region, and growing demand for diabetic care, hygienic products, and wound care will drive promising growth.

According to TMR analysts, the global superabsorbent polymer market for agriculture stood at US$ 9,106.02 Mn in valuation in 2017. Moreover, the market will likely grow at a notable 6.0% CAGR during 2018-2026.

Among region, North America will also drive robust growth in the market. The rising demand for potassium polyacrylate variety in seed germination for increasing yields in agriculture, and vast modernisation of large-scale agriculture in the region will drive a promising forecast in the region.

Reliable Performance Drives Sodium Polyacrylate Globally

Apart from strong growth in the North America region, the sodium polyacrylate resin variety will also witness major growth globally. The resin variety is famous for its high-performance, and reliable nature. The high demand for hygienic products, and new segments like adult diapers will drive major growth in the region. Adult diapers have officially overtaken baby diaper products in countries like Japan, where the aging population continues to determine consumer trends. Moreover, the demand for products like adult incontinence pads will also remain high in North America region, where these are increasingly advertised in personal care aisles to remove stigma, and make them more acceptable in societies. The growing rise of chronic illnesses and new varieties in adult diapers will also promise new opportunities for growth in this segment.

Bio-absorbers to Promise New Opportunities for Growth

The rising pressure on limited agricultural land, amidst growing urbanization continues to drive demand for higher yields in agriculture. Moreover, the increasing demand for natural food products also adds new pressures on farmers, and food producers. This is expected to drive major growth for bio-absorbers, which can retain water known as slush powders. These are capable of absorbing large quantities of water, and provide additional nourishment to soil during farming. The additional nourishment results in better quality food supplies, and protection for crops from highly prevalent diseases. The technique has proved promising in non-arable geographies like dessert, wherein its growing use, and its promising delivery, promises new opportunities for growth for players in the superabsorbent polymer market for agriculture.

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TMR experts predict that the adoption of these superabsorbent will remain high during the forecast period. However, the high costs of these products will continue to present a barrier to growth. With increased competition, and economies of scale, players will be wise to invest in expansion of existing product lines to drive growth in the superabsorbent polymer market for agriculture.