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Supercell Shelters Announces Availability of Above and Below-Ground Shelters Verified by the Texas Tech Wind Science Institute's Debris Impact Test


Madison, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2015 -- Those investing in a storm shelter may have different concerns when it comes to size, location, appearance and amenities in their shelter, but chances are, everyone has the same primary concern: will their storm shelter hold up in a violent wind event? To ensure complete protection of their clients, as well as the simple peace-of-mind provided by the experts working at the Texas Tech Wind Science Institute, Supercell Shelters has announced that all of its above- and below-ground shelters are subject to the university's renowned Debris Impact test.

During the Debris Impact test, the materials and structure of tornado and other storm shelters are subjected to varying degrees, or "Protocols," of impacts, simulating those which one could expect during different storm strengths. The debris is carefully selected to resemble that which one might find as a projectile during a severe wind event (typically, a block of wood is used), which is then shot from a specially-made cannon capable of creating winds of up to 250 mph. Protocol 4 pits shelters and shelter materials, such as doors, against a 15-lb 2x4 piece of wood fired at a speed of 100 mph. All shelters sold by Supercell Shelters both pass and exceed these designated markers of durability.

Supercell Shelters are available in both above-ground and below-ground models; those looking for storm shelters in Tupelo, MS, or nearby can visit the company's Tupelo showroom, while homeowners searching for a tornado shelter near Huntsville, AL, or other surrounding towns can visit the Tupelo or Little Rock, AR location.

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Supercell Shelters has over fifty years' experience in designing, building and installing storm shelters for families and communities. Their shelters are built to the highest standards of safety and integrity for homeowners who want to take proper precautions for storm season. They manufacture in-ground, above-ground and community shelters that are strong, safe and affordable.

For more information, customers can visit the Supercell Shelters at their showroom locations in either Madison, Alabama, or Tupelo, Missouri.

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