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Supercell Shelters Announces Availability of in-Ground and Above-Ground Storm Shelters for Year-Round Tornado Protection


Madison, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2015 -- Tornados can occur at any time of year, and arise due to a literal "perfect storm" of moisture, an unstable atmosphere that has layers of cold, dry air on top of warm, humid air, and a warm front that all occur at the same time. These conditions aren't specific to any one season, unlike other types of storms, which makes tornados a persistent worry for those living where they are most likely to arise. For those looking to ensure their family's safety, waiting until closer to the next supposed "tornado season" could be a very costly error. Supercell Shelters, the most trusted provider of storm shelters in Tupelo, MS and surrounding areas, announces that it is available to install both in-ground and above-ground storm shelters year-round.

With locations in Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi, Supercell Shelters has become the go-to provider for storm shelters in this tornado-prone area of the U.S. Prospective clients are able to visit the company's show rooms to view the different options available to them and seek the advice of Supercell Shelter's experts before investing in a home shelter. The company has over 50 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and installation of these shelters and is responsible for their product from beginning to end, giving it the excellent reputation and trustworthiness that has kept consumers referring Supercell Shelters to their friends and families for decades.

Supercell Shelters offers both in-ground and above-ground shelters, and are available to help families and organizations determine which is the best option for them. In-ground shelters are available in 3.5' x 6', 3.5' x 8' and 4.5' x 8' sizes, while above-ground shelters come in sizes 4' x 4', 4' x 6' and 5' x 8'. Their community shelters are excellent for situations that call for the protection of many individuals, and are available in 8 ft., 16 ft., 32 ft., 40 ft. and 48 ft. lengths.

To find out more about buying a tornado shelter in Huntsville, AL, and other nearby regions, or more about the additional shelter features offered by Supercell Shelters, visit

About Supercell Shelters
Supercell Shelters has over fifty years' experience in designing, building and installing storm shelters for families and communities. Their shelters are built to the highest standards of safety and integrity for homeowners who want to take proper precautions for storm season. They manufacture in-ground, above-ground and community shelters that are strong, safe and affordable.

For more information, customers can visit the Supercell Shelters at their showroom locations in either Madison, Alabama, or Tupelo, Missouri.

They can also visit the company's website at