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Supercell Shelters Providing Underground Survival Shelters to Tornado-Prone States


Madison, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2015 -- For those living in areas of the U.S. that experience a dangerous tornado season each year, the threat of a violent wind event looms heavy over the heads of homeowners who are desperate to protect their families. Those living without any sufficient protection from these weather events run the risk of finding themselves in serious trouble, often in the mistaken belief that survival shelters are unaffordable to them. Supercell Shelters, a provider of tornado storm shelters to North Little Rock, AR, and surrounding states, announces that its affordable above and below-ground shelters are available at competitive rates to clients in AL, AR and MS.

All Supercell Shelters, whether above-ground or below, are designed by the company itself, then certified by an Alabama State Professional Engineer after being tested for adherence to (or exceedance of) the storm shelter requirements of FEMA. The underground shelters are tested at the Wind Science and Engineering Research Center at Texas Tech in order to ensure that each and every model is able to withstand impacts that could come with an EF-5 tornado, which has the highest winds and recorded damage of all tornado ratings. All Supercell Shelters are installed by the company, not subcontractors, who will work with every home's individual needs and setup to ensure the most effective installation possible.

In the business of designing, producing and installing above-ground and underground survival shelters in Little Rock, AR, and surrounding counties and states, for over 50 years, Supercell Shelters has developed an excellent reputation for quality of both product and customer service. Their survival shelters are customizable according to clients' needs, and can be outfitted with additional options such as battery chargers and maintainers, interior fans, interior lights, weather radios and more.

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About Supercell Shelters
Supercell Shelters has over fifty years' experience in designing, building and installing storm shelters for families and communities. Their shelters are built to the highest standards of safety and integrity for homeowners who want to take proper precautions for storm season. They manufacture in-ground, above-ground and community shelters that are strong, safe and affordable.

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