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Superior Commissions, Conversions Have Enticed More Than 1,400 Businesses to Partner with LogoNerds.com


Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2011 -- With the uncertain state of the economy, businesses are looking for new ways to earn extra money with little or no investment. Some are choosing to cut back on company overhead, while others are lessoning their advertising exposure.

One of the easiest ways a company can earn some additional cash is by becoming an affiliate of another successful business, whereby they receive commissions based on the number of sales they refer. This usually requires no investment and entails them simply placing trackable advertisements or links on their site.

With extremely attractive commissions and excellent conversion rates, more than 1,400 companies have chosen to become logo affiliate partners with LogoNerds.com. The premier logo design company for small businesses everywhere offers a free affiliate program and pays its partners 20 to 25 percent commissions on all referrals. The company features unbeatable logo design prices, which equates to high conversion rates, up to 10 percent, and means more money for its logo affiliates.

Small businesses and self-employed individuals do not need to pay anywhere from $200 to $300 for a logo design service when they can pay only $27 to less than $100 with LogoNerds.com.

According to Joseph Messina, founder of LogoNerds.com, logo affiliates can expect to make handsome commissions due to the company’s top quality logo designs, outstanding customer service and rock bottom prices.

“Twenty-seven dollars for a logo design is unheard of. As soon as people catch word about our logo design service, it almost always results in an instant order,” said Messina. “Our unbeatable pricing combined with great customer service and high quality logo designs results in extremely high conversion rates for our affiliate partners.”

Additionally, as a logo affiliate, companies have no minimum traffic requirements, have no obligations to meet and no payments to make, and receive an additional five percent commission on every sale referral with Logo Nerd’s two-tier webmaster referral program.

About LogoNerds.com:
Catering to small businesses across the world, from the USA, to Australia and beyond, LogoNerds.com is a true global company. With their high- quality custom designs, impeccable service and unbeatable prices, LogoNerds.com has quickly become the number one choice of small businesses everywhere. Servicing more than 20,000 businesses to date, the company offers superior logo design services for companies on a budget. In addition, LogoNerds.com creates flyers, web banners, social media templates and more. For more information, visit http://www.LogoNerds.com