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Superior Concrete Products Manufactures Beautiful Steel-Reinforced Precast Fences with the Rich Look and Texture of Traditional Cedar


Euless, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2017 -- Superior Concrete Products, a leading provider of NPCA certified modular precast concrete fence, retaining wall and building systems, offers a line of attractive precast concrete fences at competitive prices. Made of high-strength steel-reinforced concrete, Superior Concrete Products modular fence panels are molded from natural textures such as wood, brick, stucco and stone.

The company manufactures several lines of precast fencing that duplicate the look and feel of wood, such as: Superior Board-on-Board™, Superior Fence™, Superior Rail™ and Superior Wood Plus™. Each component in the precast concrete wood product line is molded from real rough-cut cedar to ensure that the authentic look of real wood is prominently featured on all visible sides. The Superior Board-on-Board fence replicates the look of a cedar board-on-board fence, while Superior Fence resembles actual cedar planks. Superior Rail looks like a classic split rail fence made of deeply textured timber, while Superior Wood Plus is designed to looks like wood shiplap.

Ideal for residential or commercial use, Superior Concrete Products fences are designed to be maintenance free and have an exceptionally long service life. Since pigments are incorporated into the concrete during the manufacturing process, the color of each panel is integral giving every fence component the same consistent shade.

Synthesizing modern aesthetics and the traditional charm of wood fencing, Superior Concrete is one of the most recognized concrete fencing companies in the U.S. Designed to meet a variety of needs and engineering criteria, people looking for beautiful and durable fencing options for their homes or businesses can consider Superior Concrete Products for their needs.

"When it comes to the natural, comforting look and texture of traditional cedar, Superior Concrete Products has created a number of precast concrete fence designs that have the look and feel of wood," said Todd Sternfeld, CEO of Superior Concrete Products. "We manufacture fence panels in a number of natural textures, any of which are ideal for residential or commercial use. The advantage of precast concrete fencing is that it is attractive, adds value and curb appeal around any property on which it is installed, and it can last a lifetime."

Superior Concrete Products offers a wide range of top-quality concrete products that are recognized by architects, engineers, general contractors, residential builders, commercial property developers and other construction professionals. All the company's concrete products are manufactured using cutting-edge technology and are capable of withstanding shifting terrains, extreme temperatures, fluctuating weather conditions and damage from insects and animals

Dedicated to customer service, the company can customize each of its concrete products to meet the requirements and job specifications of each client. In addition to the company's wooden fence product lines, Superior Concrete Products also produces fences in other textures such as brick, stucco and stone. These product lines are called: Superior Brick™, Superior Cobblestone™, Superior Ledgestone™ and Superior Stucco™.

About Superior Concrete Products
Superior Concrete Products is a premier, full-service manufacturing and construction company that provides a complete range of NPCA-certified modular precast concrete fence and building systems. Used in a wide variety of applications, nationwide and around the world, Superior Concrete Products designs, engineers, manufactures and installs screening walls, perimeter fences, retaining walls, sound barriers, highway walls and much more. Each product is textured on all visible sides, and has the rich look and feel of wood, brick, stucco, or stone, with a level of reliability and durability traditional materials can't match. Based in Texas, Superior Concrete Products has been making beautiful fences, retaining walls, homes, buildings and more since 1986.

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