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Superior Concrete Products Offers ReCon Retaining Walls – A Product Engineered and Tested for Faster Installation


Euless, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/24/2017 -- A full-service precast manufacturing and construction company, Superior Concrete Products is a licensed provider of ReCon Retaining Walls Blocks. Manufactured with solid concrete, ReCon Retaining Blocks are large -- each block has a face of 5- square-feet. These are engineered for a faster installation than the typical brick, stone or cast-in-place walls normally used to build retaining walls.

Superior's ReCon Retaining Walls systems are specially designed to be built as "tall gravity walls" – up to 22 feet without a reinforcement, and up to 36 feet with reinforcing geogrid. Available in varying depth - 24", 39", 45", or 60" – ReCon Retaining Wall systems have a turning radius of approximately 15 feet, which varies with wall height, and a 3.6 degree automatically built-in retaining wall batter, which can be adjusted to 7.2 degrees with the use of field-installed spacers.

In Texas, ReCon Retaining Wall Blocks are manufactured with custom designed molds in the Superior Concrete Products factory in Cleburne, and then shipped to the construction site for installation. A recognized industry leader in precast concrete construction, Superior Concrete Products is well-known for their advancements in precast concrete design. ReCon Retaining Wall Blocks have the rich look and feel of stone, and are provided to customers after being thoroughly tested using stringent parameters to ensure a highest level of reliability and durability, not found in traditional building materials.

Superior Concrete Products has been providing a complete range of NPCA (National Precast Concrete Association) certified precast concrete building systems since 1986. The company has built a team of experienced and skilled professionals who work closely with the clients to provide them with perfect solutions to meet their retaining wall, fence, sound barrier or other precast building needs – all designed to meet their specific budget. Besides ReCon Retaining Walls, the company also provides other products such as precast panels finished to look like natural wood, brick, stucco or stone. Panels of with Superior Board-on-Board™, Superior Brick™, Superior Cobblestone™, Superior Fence™, Superior Ledgestone™, Superior Stucco™, Superior Wood Plus™ and Superior Rail™ can be used to construct fences, tiny houses, buildings, home décor and more.

"The Superior size and mass of our product, the tight fit between blocks, and lack of gaps make ReCon Retaining Walls a more ideal retaining wall solution," said Todd Sternfeld, CEO of Superior Concrete Products. "Over time, brick, stone and cast-in-place walls can fail. Our blocks are strong, and are designed to hold back tons of earth for decades. Also, we can customize the blocks to match the design and aesthetics of your property or project. Once you've built retaining walls with Recon blocks, you'll never go back to the compromises of brick, stone or other cement products."

About Superior Concrete Products
Superior Concrete Products is a premier, full-service manufacturing and construction company that provides a complete range of NPCA-certified modular precast concrete fence and building systems. Used in a wide variety of applications, nationwide and around the world, Superior Concrete Products designs, engineers, manufactures and installs screening walls, perimeter fences, retaining walls, sound barriers, highway walls, buildings and much more. Each product is textured on all visible sides, and has the rich look and feel of wood, brick, stucco, or stone, with a level of reliability and durability traditional materials can't match. Based in Texas, Superior Concrete Products has been making beautiful fences, retaining walls, homes, buildings and more since 1986.

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