Superior Restoration Designated "#1 San Diego Mold Removal Service"


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- Superior Renovation was recently voted the very best business for mold removal in San Diego, CA.

"We are pleased to get this award and please that our consumers think so extremely of us to elect us," said business owner Gabe Prieto. "This simply makes us more dedicated to delivering the very best service we potentially can.".

Mold is a major issue, Mr. Preito stated, and his business takes it seriously.

"Mold is damaging. It can cause all kinds of health problems. While a main wellness issue is respiratory troubles, mold can produce other troubles in an individual," he said. "If you do not do away with it and what is allowing it to grow, the issues will just become worse.".

A mold inspection recognizes where the mold is and why it is growing. While Superior Renovation can take care of the mold, the root cause of it may be past their proficiency.

"A/c units are a big source of mold in a structure. We can eliminate the mold. We can even do mold damage repair work, however an HVAC business is visiting have to step in to make changes to prevent a recurrence," Mr. Preito stated.

Various other causes, such as after a flood or a burst water pipe, don't require any long term repairs past a pipe repair. Often times the water damage is overlooked

"That kind of flood generally sets up mold in carpet and padding below it. We can look after this. We'll get exactly what was harmed and repair any damages to the walls as well," he stated.

Mr. Prieto stated if people in a structure or a house are experiencing an uncommon quantity of colds, allergic reaction attacks or other respiratory troubles, mold is the likely root cause. Superior Renovation offers mold inspections to so mold issues can be recognized or dismissed if that's not the problem. For more information Gabe however together a video you can view on his San Diego Mold Removal Service.

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