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Superior Tank & Energy Now Offering Free Estimates for Tank Services This Spring


Croydon, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2014 -- As homes become older, their oil tanks may need to be replaced in order to optimally heat the home. After enduring years of harsh weather, despite the upkeep that homeowners provide to their tanks, a leak can occur and the tank can become severely damaged. If owners of residential homes or commercial properties are concerned with the performance of their oil tanks, and think they need a new installation or repair, Superior Tank & Energy is pleased to announce they are now offering free estimates to their valued customers this spring. Whether a large tank, small tank, underground or exterior, the professionals are well-equipped to handle any product that is demanded.

When the trained technicians travel to the property for an estimate, they will communicate thoroughly with their clients, answering any questions, and conveying the models available to fit the desired space. Whether wanting the soil tested, the tank removed or pumped out, or a tank installation in Levittown, customers can trust they are receiving a fair estimate from the reliable team of technicians. They will go over the local codes with their customers and show them the product or brand that best meets the wishes of the client. Every property is capable of holding a different size tank, and the technicians will offer their estimate in accordance to the size of the tank.

Once customers hear how affordable the services of Superior Tank & Energy are, they can set up an appointment for their tank removal in NJ before the new installation. When underground tanks are being removed, the technicians will test the soil to see if there is any sign of contamination, and after the results are cleared, will use their high quality, innovative equipment to remove the existing tank in one piece. Exterior tanks that are installed come with a warranty of up to 30 years so customers are completely satisfied with the project. To hear more about their services, or to schedule a free estimate, please visit the website today.

About Superior Tank & Energy
Superior Tank & Energy has been a family-owned and operated company that brings over 40 years of experience to the industry. The company specializes in oil tank installation, removals and repairs. The company has the skilled workers, extensive construction, and heating experience needed to handle every job, from the smallest to the largest. Superior Tank & Energy serves all of Southeastern, PA and most areas of New Jersey. The company is located in Croydon, PA.

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