SuperNET and Komodo Develops Decentralized Money and Open Markets


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/17/2016 -- With the newest open source technologies it is possible to create decentralized markets, fiat pegged digital money, and completely anonymous payments.

A horizontally structured organization called SuperNET is on the forefront of achieving something many cryptography specialist have dreamed for years. Combining the best ideas with state of the art technology has brought forward an economic system where people communicate directly with each other.

Since the invention of Bitcoin – the first peer-to-peer money – many other other 'coins' have been developed. Many problems have remained though: lack of anonymity, lack of decentralized markets, and the lack of price stable assets and fiat pegged money.

Many condemn Bitcoin for being too volatile, and thus not suitable for everyday consumers. With the introduction of fiat pegged assets it is now possible to send Euros or Dollars in the same type of peer-to-peer network Bitcoin is operating in.

With blockchain-based digital money, the transaction history has been completely transparent, which means that the entire money flow could be uncloaked. A person would not like to post his credit card payments online anymore than a business would like to share his capital expenditures. A new digital money used by the SuperNET's ecosystem uses the latest privacy technology to ensure complete anonymity.

A consumer also requires a secure account to store his wealth as well as a way to exchange it to other digital assets and investments. SuperNET and Komodo has an answer to this too as they have developed decentralized account and money exchange service.

The SuperNET's ecosystem has been in development for two years, and today they are selling their Komodo coins during an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) period. This gives anyone a chance to invest into the platform.

The sale ends on November 20th 3 PM UTC

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