Supplement Assisting Women Get More Curves Without Need for Surgery


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2013 -- CurvaPlus, an all-natural supplement designed to assist bringing out women’s curvature, manufactured by Human Health Institute, is now out in the market. It has a cacao-based formula that stimulates easting and offers shapeless women the best way on how to gain curvature in all the right places.

At first, many were skeptical if such supplement could work. However, because the high demand for contour slim has grown; several women complained that there was a void in supplements for women to gain curvature without the need for surgery. After several tests and trial and error, experts found out that CurvaPlus is the solution to the desire of many women.

The following are the advantages of the said supplement:

- Controls the metabolism
- Regulate appetite to increase your curvature
- Raises the levels of endorphin, which is a natural mood enhancer
- Results will be noticed as soon as 28 days
- Formulated with cacao extracts and other natural ingredients

Due to the proven effects of CurvaPlus, it has gained positive feedbacks and testimonials from users.

“In a world of diets and anorexia, it was time for someone to think of the shapeless skinny women that wished to look fuller and sexier. My sister and me simply can’t believe the excellent change in our bodies, my butt is fuller and my sister's breasts a size bigger”, Vivian Gonzalez from Costa Rica said. .

Human Health Institute, LLC is also proud to announce that CurvaPLus does not have any side effects, as is made in compliant supplement plant in the USA. This makes them confident that its sales will continue to increase as the years go by.

The said company also claims that they only provide concentrated active ingredients in their products, so they are the choice of several aesthetic SPAS. Their products also cost more, as they have a high percentage of extraction and purity. For years, they have also maintained a 99% satisfaction rate. They also gladly refund 50% of the actual product purchase price.

As of now, there are 3 CurvaPlus product variations offered by Human Health Institute such as CurvasPLUS- Herbal Body Enhancer which costs $78.95, CurvasPLUS Herbal Body Enhancer which costs $138.95 and CurvasPLUS Herbal Body Enhancer which costs $188.95. Body Contour SPAS qualify for wholesale pricing.

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