Supplement Company Explains Why TV Doctor's Stand Is Critical to Consumers


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/23/2014 -- A well-known TV doctor took a stand on Capitol Hill in a Senate hearing on Tuesday to defend his efforts to encourage people to take supplements that promote health. Because many supplements, including powerful anti-inflammatory supplements like Turmeric Curcumin, rarely receive the funding necessary to provide the same level of evidence-based information that drug trials produce, many people who could potentially benefit from centuries-old remedies must base their decisions on antidotal evidence. The famed TV doctor and his team research the existing evidence, and he even recommends supplements to his own family based on the results of his research.

As a passionate advocate for natural remedies, any TV doctor who highlights the potential benefits of nature's pharmacy performs an important role in the health industry. He helps educate millions of people who would otherwise not know about these natural solutions for improved health and wellness, and may not be able to afford other solutions.

While it is important for doctors who appear on TV not to promise miracle benefits, it is also true that many natural remedies have been used beneficially for centuries by millions more people than have tried man-made solutions.

The doctor appeared before the Senate committee to defend his recommendations of supplements and the language he uses to recommend them. His appearance marked an important milestone in both the promotion of natural remedies and the direction his show will take in the future. In particular, the hearing focused mainly on his recommendation of weight loss supplements and his efforts to shut down companies who are advertising on major online ad networks using clips from his TV show to sell their pills.

The famous doctor's own team tested many of the weight loss supplements sold by the companies using his show clips to sell their products and found several did not even contain the correct strength of the product as described on the product label. This is a very disturbing discovery, since the label is usually the only assurance a consumer has about the product inside. It is therefore very important for consumers to verify that the supplements they buy have been tested by an independent lab for "guaranteed analysis". Many people are so desperate for a solution that they do not realize this.

Indeed, recent statistics put obesity at epidemic levels. The latest CDC statistics put adult obesity at 34.9% or just over one-third of the U.S. population. Last year, the AMA declared obesity a disease, and both government and medical circles are struggling to solve this epidemic as obesity-related conditions are to blame for additional medical costs in excess of $147 billion dollars per year. The burden on the health system is immense.

Consumers who struggle with weight issues almost always have the body-wide inflammation identified with the resulting health perils associated with obesity. The doctor's recommendations give people guidance for improving their health and weight naturally. Like every good doctor, he not only recommends supplements, but also healthy nutritional adjustments and gentle exercises to increase activity, which contribute to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Pure Health Origins applauds the doctor's heroic efforts to help promote natural solutions for healthy lifestyles to solve the obesity crisis.

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