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Supplements at War with Pharmaceutical Products: Knowing the Truths and Myths Between Medical Research and Naturopathic Practices

What’s true about these vitamins and dietary supplements that’s making half of Americans crazy about them?


El Monte, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2014 -- The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) stated that the public should be warned about the proliferation of the unfounded and exaggerated assertions about dietary supplements. The nutritional supplement industry, being at war with the pharmaceutical industry, has implanted a certain awareness to the public which is being feared by FTC as dangerous.

So what’s so true about these vitamin and dietary supplements and what are not?

Are vitamin and dietary supplements safer than prescription drugs? Supplements are derived from herbs and plants making them organic. If they are safer that prescription drugs, the answer is, it depends on the type of plants being used. There are plants which are not safe to be taken by humans and these should not be used for making any supplement, despite its ability to heal certain illnesses or despite its wonder in dieting.

Are vitamin and dietary supplements FDA approved which make them safe to use? FDA is very strict in giving their approval. Products who are FDA approved are sure to have gone through rigid tests and observations. To know if the dietary supplement that one is taking is FDA approved, it is always best to check in FDA’s website or to consult an FDA specialist to validate the product distributor’s claim. To validate if the supplement is FDA approved, the packaging must contain the following information:

-Conditions the drug has been proven to treat
-Known side effects
-Contrainidications (special conditions under which using the drug should not be used because it would cause too much risk)
-Unsafe interactions with other drugs

Are vitamin and dietary supplements the answer to the ever increasing prices of pharmaceutical products? As it is known by everybody, prescription drugs are really a burden for many Americans. People are actually resorting now to cheaper alternatives like generic products. There are a number of physicians who in fact prove that vitamin and dietary supplements are often more effective and cheaper that those of prescription drugs.

Quality and origin are the basis for the points of disparity between medical research and naturopathic practices including the use of vitamin and dietary supplements. One has to take note though that not all supplements are proven effective. Even prominent naturopathic physicians admit that there are certain supplement products being created that are not really reliable to use.

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