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Supply Chain Management Courses from AIMS Are Tuned with Technology and Market Demands


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2017 -- AIMS has introduced their latest supply chain management courses that are in tune with the current technology and market demands. Exclusively offered online in a flexible format, this new certificate program curriculum appeals to industry professionals who are interested to hone their expertise in the applications of global supply chain management, logistics strategy and international trade.

In today's environment of just-in-time sourcing and global trade, supply chain managers are expected to oversee complex and intricate international networks to guarantee that products will easily find their way to target consumers all over the world. Expert professionals who have the know-how in managing such complex networks have been highly sought after for the past few years yet studies reveal the possible shortage of personnel who have knowledge on logistical capacity and supply chain terminology.

To meet the growing need, AIMS' supply chain training courses will help students in gaining expertise with various quantitative and qualitative strategies used in supply chain management field, together with topics on other crucial areas such as global supply chains, operations management, strategic logistics management, import/export operations and international trade.

The Certified Supply Chain Expert (CSCE) program highlights its dynamic academic curriculum with state of the art educational technologies and flexible delivery modes with a direct professional contact with the leaders of the supply chain management industry. Courses make use of advanced pedagogy with the newest digital learning concepts.

About AIMS
Academy for International Modern Studies or AIMS is one of the premier and globally-accredited institutions based in the UK that focuses on professional education. AIMS upholds a steadfast commitment to improve career paths of individuals, and since its establishment in 2005, it has continuously earned a strong and solid academic reputation all over the world. Education at AIMS is offered online tackling several fields. Students from over 70 countries have already attested to the development of their own intellectual passion through AIMS' specialized programs. Their supply chain management certification program in particular is geared towards the molding of professionals who can carry out the necessary tasks and responsibilities that their chosen industry calls for.

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