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Supply Chain Variability Addressed by VCO Systems


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2018 -- According to Vikrant Angia of Georgia-based VCO Systems, a canned supply chain solution will not work when customers demand a unique experience. Companies like Airbnb and Uber have revolutionized the hotel and transportation industries while owning little to no physical assets. Today's end customers demand that personal touch, which is difficult to offer through off-the-shelf supply chain solutions. Disruption requires thinking outside the box. VCO Systems builds an enterprise solution that represents a company's philosophy, and fits seamlessly with a unique business model.

Developing supply chain applications that improve business operations, and integrate well with existing systems is the key to addressing supply chain complexity. The business-focused approach ensures that any software fits well within clients' unique business processes offering full-cycle software delivery.

Seasonal and Scalable Light Solutions:

Industry estimates peg holiday sales to comprise more than 20 percent of annual retail sales, an enormous amount of volume taking place over a few short weeks. While critical to meet consumer demand during those peak days, it is also difficult to balance these events with the typical scale of business year-round. VCO Systems ( has designed a light solution that allows you to maximize distribution center space and resources, without creating unneeded infrastructure throughout the rest of the year. Mobile carts with light hardware can be brought in to scale throughput, then put away or re-purposed for other functions at other times. Combining decades of supply chain product development experience, VCO Systems provides e-commerce and Retail support through solutions for Putwall, Pick-To-Light, and Put-To-Light.

MODEX 2018

VCO Systems, the leader in flexible designed light solutions will exhibit at MODEX 2018 April 9-12, 2018 in Atlanta, GA at Booth B4474.

About VCO Systems
VCO Systems' mission is to deliver the highest-quality supply chain services and solutions that enable superior, agile, and dynamic efficiencies throughout enterprise logistics. Founded in 2013 by CEO Vikrant Angia, the team has combined decades of experience in supply chain services with roots in consulting and product development. The company delivers more than a light system solution, providing a partner to help manage supply chains effectively, optimizing performance, even in an unpredictable retail environment. The vast scope of in-depth supply chain experience provides customers with a strategic partner in implementing and maintaining complex end-to-end supply chain solutions – from manufacturer/supplier integration, warehousing, transportation, labor, and everything in-between.

VCO Systems' R&D and IT infrastructure teams are equipped with the latest technologies for providing development, support and integration to suit all implementation needs. Working collaboratively with 3PLs and warehouse operations, plant managers receive a team-oriented project focus, implementation service, and support methodologies. Unlike others, the lean consultative approach is part of a unique value proposition designed to adapt to specific objectives and successfully design, develop, and implement an effective supply chain solution with the latest and best practice technology. Follow VCO Systems on Twitter at @VCOSystems. To schedule a one-on-one meeting at MODEX (or sooner) call 404-771-2634.