Support Cancer Breakthrough to Save Millions of Lives

Dallas-based Italian scientist Dario Crosetto explains his 3D-CBS (3-D Complete Body Screening) invention that revolutionizes early cancer detection, potentially saving millions of lives.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2015 -- Crosetto's 3D-CBS technology is an advanced PET/CT. The breakthrough advantages of his 3D-Flow invention used in the 3D-CBS device have the capability to extract all valuable information from radiation emitted during medical examinations, have been recognized by scientists from CERN, FERMILab, SSC, universities, etc., at major PUBLIC scientific reviews, and have been demonstrated feasible and functional in hardware.

Its capability to cost-effectively extract all valuable information from radiation means a huge reduction in the radiation dose to the patient while accurately capturing all tumor markers associated to a specific radiation (any radioisotope). The 3D-CBS invention achieves this by optimizing the synergy between economical crystal detectors and advanced electronics made of 14,400 x 3D-Flow processors and by balancing the number of communication wires between chips and electronic boards with high speed to produce the most cost-effective performance. The 3D-Flow processor is designed to be technology-independent and therefore can use the latest cost-effective technology to achieve unprecedented system performance at a cost of less than $1 per processor.

The staggering improvement in efficiency of the 3D-CBS device compared to any other Medical Imaging device enables safe and cost-effective early cancer detection on asymptomatic people, with the potential to save 50% of the 7 million cancer sufferers who face death annually.

If funded, it would have already saved many lives, reduced healthcare costs, and opened the door to additional biomedical research not now possible by providing accurate information about minimum abnormal biological processes. It would have also greatly aided accurate prognosis and efficient monitoring of treatments of many other diseases.

How you can Contribute:

- Advocacy - Share this press release on twitter, Facebook, etc. to support this vision of transparency in science to help build the 3D-CBS.

- Funding – Help fund the 3D-CBS by making a tax-deductible contribution to Crosetto Foundation for the Reduction of Cancer Deaths, a U.S., 501(c)(3), tax-exempt and not-for-profit organization.

"What is needed to unveil the scientific truth for the benefit of humanity is a public debate among scientists who claim high reduction in cancer deaths and cost before funding agencies assign money to scientists who have less efficient, more costly approaches."

About Dario Crosetto
Dario Crosetto is the inventor of the 3D-Flow system for the discovery of new particles and inventor of the 3D-CBS technology (3-D Complete Body Screening) which won the Leonardo da Vinci Prize for early cancer detection. He worked 20+ years at CERN (Geneva) experiments and at the Super Collider project in Texas. He lectured at CERN School of Computing, has authored six books and 100+ articles.

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Dario Crosetto
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