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Supporting Scientifically Literate and Well-Informed Citizenry – "Science Connected" Launches Crowdfunding Campaign


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2017 -- Transforming science education and nurturing scientific research, Science Connected, a comparatively new name in online publishing, is working with scientists and educators to provide children with the scientific knowledge that will help employ them and help them become the citizens, leaders, and innovators of tomorrow. Kate Stone established a nonprofit publisher named Science Connected for science nonfiction for a general audience and resources for science teachers. Over the past few months, the Science Connected team has been working on a plan to expand their reach and move into the next phase of freely accessible science distribution.

The organization requires the assistance of the online crowd in determining their plan. To achieve this, they have set up a crowdfunding campaign on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. If they reach their funding goal of $5,000 within the next couple of months, they will be able to move quickly towards achieving the next phase of expansion. "Just $5,000 will help us make scientific reporting and STEM literacy tools more widely available to everyone, everywhere. As well as bringing more STEM programs to our local communities, we want to make sure that our resources are available globally. A greater budget would allow a better platform for our online magazine, increased staff capacity, and an improved ability to print and distribute our teacher resources," says Shayna Keyles, the spokesperson for Science Connected.

Helping Science Connected will help bring scientific information that is usually out of the reach of the general public to computer screens across the globe, for free. The ,multinational team of Science Connected contributors are enhancing the classrooms through their specially designed classroom discussion guides for high school and middle school, sharing material that is accessible and easy for the general public to understand, training upcoming science writers, and more. The recently launched crowdfunding campaign has a $5,000 funding goal. However, the campaign has a long way to go to reach its goals. Yet this amazing concept is gradually gaining support aided by the golden prospects of nurturing the citizens, leaders, and innovators of tomorrow. A variety of different specially designed rewards and perks are being offered to reward those who support the campaign in its early stages.

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About Science Connected
Science Connected is a nonprofit organization that serves the public by explaining and showcasing scientific discoveries in clear, easy-to-read language. We work closely with researchers to faithfully represent their projects and findings to voters, leaders, innovators, and anyone else who shares an interest in or can benefit from science.

Media contact:
Shayna Keyles
San Francisco, CA