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Supreme Heating Saves Consumers Up to 70 Percent on Hot Water Costs


Beaconsfield, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2014 -- Supreme Heating WA has the solution for anyone that craves hot water on demand and wants to save money in the process.  Solar hot water  heating methods take advantage of the sun’s free energy to convert cold liquid into luxurious hot water while reducing power costs by up to 70 percent.

A solar water heating system is comprised of double-layered tubes that collect solar energy. A copper heat pipe inside the tubes transmits heat to a heat transfer manifold. As water runs through the pipes, it’s heated by the copper pipe. The transfer is efficient and the system construction is designed to minimize heat loss.

The systems are completed with an instantaneous gas system, a gas or electric booster unit and storage tank. A solar hot water system is appropriate for use in homes and businesses. Multiple sizes are available to accommodate the hot water needs of different numbers of residents or customers.

The conductive power of the system provides ample hot water, even on cloudy days through the use of infrared rays emitted by the sun that are able to pass through clouds. The functionality and abilities of solar hot water systems are not impeded by wind and low temperatures the way traditional solar collectors are. Water is only heated when needed.

Solar powered water heating can save owners up to 70 percent on their hot water bills and substantial rebates and financial incentives are available in most locations. A solar water heating system adds value to homes and businesses. Instead of paying for power from electric companies, a solar solution places home and business owners in charge of their own power requirements.

A solar system is an ideal solution for individuals seeking an eco-friendly solution. It reduces the owner’s carbon footprint, and is equal to removing one car from the roads each year or planting 200 oxygen producing trees. It contributes to the reduction of power plant emissions, provides relief from escalating power costs and assists in the battle against global warming.

Supreme Heating WA is a leading provider of solar hot water heating systems. Experienced installers provide expert calculations to ensure families and businesses have the correct system size for optimal use. The low-maintenance systems combine durability and an eco-friendly solution that’s easy on the wallet and the environment.

The firm can be reached by phone at 0407 018 868, or by visiting  Supreme Heating WA online.

Craig Doncon
Customer Service Representative
Supreme Heating WA
Phone: 0407 018 868