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Supreme Hydronics Offers No-Obligation Quotes on Installations


Melbourne, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2014 -- Damien Maxwell, director of  Supreme Hydronics, announced that the company is offering no-obligation quotes on the installation of clean, modern and elegant hydronic heating systems. Also known as slab heating, the water-based method of heating is appropriate for new and existing homes.

Hydronic heating employs a system of pipes under the floor that circulates heated water to warm homes and can be paired with stylish radiator panels. Once known as radiant heat, a primitive method was used by man during the Neolithic period by making use of underground springs warmed by the Earth’s core. The Romans improved upon the system and Supreme Heating now provides the most technologically advanced systems available.

Modern systems are comprised of four elements:

- A boiler to heat the water and a thermostat to control the temperature;
- Rehau pipes to carry the heated water to radiator panels and back to the boiler;
- A pump that circulates the water;
- Radiator panels or convectors that transfer heat to the room.

Hydronic heating systems can be installed in new construction projects and existing homes to provide heating that’s more energy efficient, clean and quiet than traditional furnaces. The high-performance systems are durable, require little maintenance, and the pipes are corrosion free.

Stylish, modern radiators are used to disperse heat into rooms. They feature high gloss finishes that complements any décor. Radiators don’t get hot and are safe for use in homes with children, the elderly and pets.

Heat levels can be controlled universally with a single thermostat or individual thermostats can be installed in each room. They can be operated manually, automatically or with sophisticated smartphone applications. For those who want to “set it and forget it”, systems are offered that monitor heat loss and automatically make adjustments.

Hydronic systems are beneficial for individuals with allergies or breathing problems, since they don’t blow dust and allergens throughout the room. The systems can increase the efficiency of heating homes by up to 90 percent for significant savings, especially in locations that experience very cold weather. Homeowners may also qualify for monetary incentives and rebates.

The water-based heating systems offered by Supreme Hydronics are modern and efficient. The systems’ water can be warmed by heat pumps, LPG, solid fuels or natural gas. A hygienic environment, financial savings and an eco-friendly method of heating homes are the hallmarks of a hydronic heating system.

The firm can be reached by phone at 0449 883 849. For more information, visit  Supreme Hydronics  online.

Damien Maxwell
Supreme Hydronics
Phone: 0449 883 849