Supreme Squeeze Explains the Importance of Hand Grippers in Hand Dexterity


Sanford, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2015 -- Hand dexterity is an ability that most take for granted. Supreme Squeeze spokesperson, Eric Currey, noted that the use of hand grippers is an important tool for maintaining strength, functionality and dexterity in fingers, hands, wrists and forearms for athletes, seniors, those who have been injured, and anyone who wants to maintain flexibility.

"Grip strength naturally decreases over time, but weakness doesn't have to prevail," said Currey. "The use of hand grippers is an easy and effective way to keep muscles, nerves and ligaments strong and healthy."

Loss of muscle mass begins to decline in the mid-20s and can result in up to a 45 percent decrease by the time an individual reaches the age of 60. Muscle mass, strength and dexterity can decrease by up to an additional 20-25 percent after the age of 60, but dysfunction can be slowed and even reversed with the regular use of hand grippers.

Maintaining dexterity is especially crucial for those with arthritis and osteoarthritis that often afflicts the hands first. Hand grippers provide an easy way to exercise the muscles in the fingers, hands, wrists and forearms, all of which are crucial for grip strength. Exercising with hand grippers can improve bone density, thereby improving grip and reducing the risk of injury.

Hand exercises improve dexterity, coordination, and motor control. Hand grippers also have the benefit of improving blood flow and keeping associated nerves healthy. There's often a disparity between the strength in the dominant hand and the other, making it essential that people use hand grippers with both hands. It facilitates performing tasks and actions ranging from holding a fork and opening mail to dialing mobile devices.

Aging has a degenerative effect on functionality within the hand and women demonstrate a larger loss of strength and dexterity than men of the same age. Long distance communication with friends and family in today's world is largely a matter of being able to physically manipulate mobile devices and hand grippers help with the coordination and dexterity needed to accomplish that.

Strength, dexterity and coordination can be improved with the hand grippers by Supreme Squeeze. Foam hand grips provide comfort, while the 66 lbs. of resistance provide an ample workout for individuals of all ages. It's never too late to begin strengthening and resistance training for the hands and forearms to improve dexterity and help stem the loss of muscle mass.

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