Supreme Squeeze Hand Grips Offer Resistance Training for Deadlifts and Bar Exercises


Sanford, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/11/2015 -- Supreme Squeeze spokesperson, Eric Currey, announced that the firm's hand grippers for building strength for deadlifts and bar exercises are now available exclusively on Lack of grip strength increases the risk of injury and prevents athletes from achieving their fitness goals.

"Hand grippers provide strength training for your fingers, hands, wrists and forearms," said Currey. "Without that strength you won't achieve your objectives or be able to lift as much weight."

Grip strength is often overlooked by athletes in favor of building big biceps or a six-pack, but the way to either achievement is with grip strength that allows individuals to lift more weight and do it efficiently to reduce the potential for injury. With strong hands, wrists and forearms, athletes can use bar exercises and deadlifts to work every muscle in their body.

Hand grippers provide resistance training for better performance and they aid in fighting age-related loss of grip strength. Both genders begin to slowly lose grip strength in their 20s, but the decline accelerates rapidly after the age of 60. Regular exercise helps compensate for that loss, enabling athletes to continue to build muscle and power, while maintaining the gains they've already achieved.

Grip strength is essential for deadlifts and bar work. Athletes that can't grip can't lift or hold the weight they're working with and will always fall short of their goals. Strength in the hands, wrists and forearms allows individuals to grip the bar in multiple ways for a wide range of training.

When an athlete grips a bar, 35 muscles in the hands, wrists and forearms all work in tandem and hand grippers provide a workout for all those muscles for strength and stabilization. The devices are beneficial for improving circulation and blood flow to those areas, allowing them to work harder and increase endurance.

There's also an aesthetic reason for building the forearms. While many athletes seek to build biceps, they're often covered by shirts and outer wear during cold and inclement weather. It's the forearms that are the focus of attention when the upper arms are covered.

About Supreme Squeeze hand grippers
Supreme Squeeze hand grippers provide 66 lbs. of resistance and are sold in sets of two. Each purchase comes with exercise and training tips for maximum results. Foam handle grips ensure a secure and comfortable grip throughout any workout. Portable and highly affordable, they can be used anytime to build muscle for improving performance with deadlifts and bar exercises.

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