Supreme Squeeze Names Top 5 Benefits of Hand Grippers for Office Workers


Sanford, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/13/2015 -- Eric Currey, spokesperson for Supreme Squeeze, announced that the company has released its Top 5 benefits of hand grippers for preventing repetitive strain injuries. Office workers are particularly susceptible, even when utilizing an ergonomically designed workstation.

"Hand weakness is a common complaint and it can lead to injury and potentially debilitating conditions," said Currey. "Using hand grippers is an easy way to strengthen muscles and significantly reduce the potential for injuries.

Most office jobs don't provide the necessary strengthening movements to maintain dexterity in the hands and arms. The potential for repetitive strain injuries increase as the muscles become weaker due to lack of tone and strength. One of the best ways to maintain functionality is through specific exercise movements that can be attained with hand grippers to reduce the risk of carpal tunnel and similar injuries.

Hand grippers provide the following benefits:

1. Strengthens muscles and surrounding tissues
2. Improves dexterity of fingers, hands, wrists and forearms
3. Develops control, endurance and coordination
4. Works the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the fingers, hands, wrists and forearms
5. Maintains mobility

When muscles, tendons and ligaments are worked, they stretch and contract. They become inflamed and sore over time and without sufficient rest and recovery, those injuries typically transition into repetitive stress injuries that can seriously impact overall functionality. Stress injuries accelerate the damage and also affect the nerves and blood vessels.

The hand grippers by Supreme Squeeze offer 66 lbs. of pressure to keep hands, wrists, and forearms strong and substantially reduce the potential for repetitive stress injuries from a variety of sources. There's no need to purchase multiple pairs of hand grippers in varying strengths.

The hand grippers feature foam grips for comfort, are sold in sets of two, and each purchase comes with bonus materials featuring exercises and training tips. The hand grippers are compact allowing them to be tucked in a pocket or purse for workouts anytime it's convenient.

The Top 5 benefits released by Supreme Squeeze provide ample incentive for the use of hand grippers by those who perform repetitive tasks as part of their employment or hobbies. It's an affordable and effective way to maintain the health of muscles and surrounding tissues.

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