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Supremequip Has Week's Hottest New Baby Product – Magnetic Lock Set

Supremequip owner, Nathan Halliday, announced that the company’s new 12-piece magnetic lock set for child safety is receiving rave reviews from consumers around the world and flying out of the firm’s inventory.


Sanford, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2016 -- The company's magnetic locks are popular with first-time and experienced parents, offering more locks per package than most sets. The Supremequip magnetic locks provide any caretaker of small children with an effective barrier to keep toddlers and youngsters from accessing products and objects that could harm them.

"This set is already in hot demand on the Amazon market from parents of little ones and expectant parents," said Halliday. "It also makes for a great gift."

The convenient locks are easy to install on drawers and cabinet doors, come with two keys, and are appropriate for use in homes, educational and childcare environments. Each package comes with eight locks for doors, along with four adjustable locks designed for drawers.

The four adjustable drawer locks come complete with heavy-duty 3M tape, allowing them to be moved as needed. Installation requires no tools and won't mar the look or finish on cabinets. Each purchase is backed by the company's 90-day guarantee, allowing consumers to purchase with confidence.

New parents are often overwhelmed by the tenacity and creativeness of babies and toddlers when they see something they want. Magnetic locks are effective precautions for the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room, but their value goes beyond those living areas.

One of the most often overlooked rooms of the home for child-proofing is the nursery. Oils, lotions and baby wipes are safe to use on baby's skin, but they can be deadly if ingested. If the items must be stored in cabinets and drawers within a child's reach within the nursery, magnetic door locks are essential for a child's safety.

The best way for parents to reveal tantalizing locales for small fingers is for parents to see the terrain from their baby's viewpoint and ask themselves what they might find interesting if they were a small child. Most individuals simply get on their hands and knees, but children begin navigating their environment long before they can walk. Parents are advised to lie down on the floor and see what's within a child's reach.

The 12-piece magnetic lock set offered by Supremequip is an essential child-proofing tool for parents, grandparents, in classrooms, daycare centers, and any environment where children will be present. The locks install easily without the need for any tools for a quick and convenient solution to child-proofing.

You can purchase the safety lock set on Amazon now -

About Supremequip Safety Lock Set
The magnetic locks offered by Supremequip keep doors and drawers safely inaccessible to young children on their journeys of exploration. Parents can be overwhelmed by the sheer number of available choices when selecting a lock. The company's package of magnetic locks provides solutions for ongoing safety, along with adjustable options as children grow.

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