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Sure Visa Manila Extends Industry-Leading Visa Consulting Services to Spain

Recent move will leverage deep organizational knowledge and expertise to serve even more travelers, workers, and immigrants, Sure Visa Manila reports


Manila, Philippines -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/23/2014 -- Sure Visa Manila, an international visa facilitation service, announced that it has expanded its services to cover a variety of visas and other permits for those wishing to travel to or live or work in Spain. The company boasts industry-leading success records at obtaining visas for travel to and work in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States, and has engaged experts at visa requirements and acquisition for Spain to ensure that it will be able to guarantee similar results for its newly added services. Clients of Sure Visa Manila enjoy a 100% money-back guarantee, whereby all fees they have paid are refunded if the desired visas are not obtained.

"For nearly four years now, we've been on an incredible streak when it comes to obtaining visas for our clients," company representative R. Visco said, "and we're happy to now be able to add Spain to the list of countries we can facilitate visas for." Accredited with the country's Bureau of Immigration as a Visa Consulting Company, Sure Visa Manila has long provided assistance to foreign nationals seeking visas to live and work in the Philippines. A number of years ago, the company used the institutional knowledge and expertise acquired through these efforts to expand its services to cover a variety of other countries popular with travelers and would-be immigrants, including the United States, Great Britain, and Australia. The just-announced expansion of its service offerings to include Spain is the product of months of research and preparation and includes the addition to its staff of full-time experts dedicated to ensuring the success of the initiative.

"Whether for corporate clients or individuals, Sure Visa Manila is now ready to help obtain visas for even more customers than before," Visco continued, "and we're happy that even more people will be able to see how we became such a leader in the industry." Sure Visa Manila counts among its past and existing clients a number of internationally prominent businesses, including Jotun, Headstrong Capital Markets, and the Onstream Group. Its work for these operations has often allowed them to employ some of the world's leading experts in their specialties, thereby improving their basic business prospects.

Despite doing so much work for large organizations, Sure Visa Manila is also known for its successes in obtaining results for individuals seeking visas to the countries it covers. This determination to provide top-quality service at all scales, the company's founders believe, gives it better institutional insight into the kinds of difficulties faced by and solutions available to all types of visa seekers. The company's unbroken, years-long streaks of visa obtainment success in a number of categories, including the UK Marriage Visa, the Canadian Visa, and US Tourist Visa Assistance speak to this and other competitive advantages that have made it one of the industry's clear leaders.

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One of the Philippines' leading visa consultancies, Sure Visa Manila facilitates the obtaining of visas to a number of the most popular destinations. It offers clients a 100% money-back guarantee on the fees they pay and has one of the longest and most impressive records of success among similar companies.