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Sureglaze UK Claim to Be Better Than Any Double Glazing Company in the UK


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2013 -- Sureglaze UK claim they are the best when it comes to windows and claim to be better than any double glazing company in the UK.

How can Sureglaze UK be so certain they are the best?

Well Sureglaze UK are not just any double glazing company, actually they don’t do any double glazing. All windows supplied and installed by Sureglaze UK are triple glazed. Sureglaze UK say the energy efficiency U Value performance that they can achieve with their Triple Glazing is absolutely impossible to achieve with any type of double glazing, this is what sets them apart from the crowd they say.

Triple glazing is so energy efficient that it can meet the criteria of the super energy efficient Passivhaus standard. It is impossible to achieve the Passivhaus standard with double glazing.

With rising energy bills in the UK it has never been more important to think about the energy savings when we are looking to by any new products. Triple glazing is certainly the most energy efficient when it comes to windows and Sureglaze UK are adamant that it is the way to reducing the UK’s carbon footprint.

Currently in the UK each home requires an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) so the home is given an overall energy rating, this gives potential buyers or tenants an idea of how the home performs when it comes to energy efficiency. Triple glazing can help give you an improved energy rating on your home, not only increasing the properties value but also making it more lucrative to potential buyers or potential tenants.

Sureglaze UK offer various types of high quality Triple Glazed Windows, Triple Glazed Doors and Triple Glazed Conservatories throughout the UK.

About Sureglaze
Sureglaze UK are a national installer and manufacturer of triple glazing. Sureglaze UK offer high quality UPVC triple glazed windows, triple glazed doors and triple glazed conservatories throughout the UK. For further information or a free quote please visit the Sureglaze website

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